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In the middle of nowhere - a place not yet mapped by forest conservers, is a tiny army base- which is not surprising but the abundant tea estates surrounding it are.
a valley in the eastern himalayas, though only 60km away from a bustling city, still left untouched.
it is characteristically Eastern Himalayas green with a vibrant bright fluoroscentish quality to the greenness that would be difficult to find elsewhere. lt is so quiet that people's voices can be heard even when the nearest hut is a kilometer away.
the distance is trees backed by silouhuettes of mountains & clouds. Vast stretches of tea garden are punctuated by a solitary human walkin head beant forward as if bowing to Nature. For its nature which lives here. even the insects are surer-sized! humans are like the chance occupiers. there is more Orchid vegetation on trees than individuals.
a single paved road defines the way trucks and the occasional car take. on either side are forests or tea trees.
apart from the impoverished tea workers all that can be seen are Army people.
Beautiful ? yes it is.
Secluded? for sure.
Comfortable? not in a million worlds.
But it is a getaway like no other.

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