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Future Looks

A week or so ago, I finally saw WallE. As expected with any pre-planned movie for me, I was late due to innumerable extraneous factors. What struck me most about the movie (OK, yes, its a great film) was the aesthetics. Did it strike you how much Eve...a resembled an Apple product? The same white and blue, rounded edges. And how much the space ship Axiom was like an evolved Apple product (including there AtoPilot, though 'evil')? while how much poor little Wall E and the larger Wall As (or whatever they were in the ship) looked like the old (present day) junkyard machines.

And I am not alone to see the references. Seems like making the 'Apple looks' the look of the future will soon be so assumed that we will not think about it, just assume it. Rather clever I say.
Though the computers in Iron Man (Dell) were great, the screens, the holograms, etc., they were still just LCD screens eventually, that too set in an indeterminate time (not too future, not too present). Nothing beats the 'look of the future' like the way WallE managed to potray, and with the  glossy white and bright blue of trademark Apple.

We already see the changes. A new computer by Sony or even the eeePC designs, at some level look like iMacs and Macbooks. OK, I love the apple designs. However, subliminally putting the thought that that is the design of the future is a little too clever for my liking.
But then, since there is no one else to fill the boots (to show a satisfactory look of future tech machines), Steve is there. And how.

(I got reminded of this topic by looking at Sash's post)

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