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Basic elements, which are most minerals, are there in Earth. Just there. You cant sit and create Arsenic, Mercury, Lead etc. They exist on Earth, are sometimes present in the water people drink and sometimes on the soil they tread. So whats the big deal if they are included in some of the products we use ;) Generations lived inhaling lead, and IMO generations will survive through it.

Global Warming (and Go Green!) is the modern day equivalent of World Peace. I wonder if beauty pageant ppl are already using it. Neither can happen, yet they make the world go round.

Beautiful photos not a popular site make. Captions make all the difference. After 10 mind numbingly wonderful snaps your mind becomes exactly that - numb. When supplemented with a quip (or a Motherhood Statement, as per your interest), the site becomes interactive and alive.

Some phrases from iconic (misfit) situations become so famous that soon the phrase lingers but most dont know the reference point, but use them nevertheless. Like 'Strong Medicine' by Arthur Hailey. No one in their right mind would want to use that while talking about a 'good' medicinal product. And 'Dazed and Confused' from Led Zeppelin or the movie. No one would really want to say dazed and confused about legal wrangles. And actually writing "Brain Storming". I thought it was a single word by now and people would know. This sounds more like a storm with brains flying around.
And of course, my favourite 'City of Joy'. The irony of Dominique Lapierre has been lost on all and sundry, and the term is taken as is - positively; and often used to define Calcutta.
Ive seen all of the above and more used abundantly by journalists. I guess worse than the people using them are the large uninformed (misled?) public who thinks they are original.

Some clichés become larger than what they cliché-ed.

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