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Key Success Factor

Q-What makes a success?
A-Back up. People who support you and overlook your mistakes - when you need them to (i.e. the initial years)

Lets not get personal here at the moment. Lets just look at the iPhone. Without the HUGE support from Apple fanatics, it would barely be any success. Apart from the (great) technology of being able to tilt photos, there is really nothing to show for it. Or rather, was. However, thanks to the stupendous support by the clientèle, there were hacks, there were apps and there was publicity. The iPhone (whether it sold units or not) was an overnight success. Launch of a new, improved version was only a matter of time. Steve can rely on his customers to guide him to give exactly what they want. Which is what any company wants.
Also, every common man who couldnt care less about technology now believes touch phones started with Apple. However, I'm yet to see one-month old happy customers. Those who are, just love to be part of the Apple owner community - and go more by looks than features. (Of course, I'm talking Indians here. I have no authority to speak about the others but I feel the US market is sadly undernourished. Japan is another matter altogether). Or, those who want to be unique.

After a couple of revisions however, I'm sure the iPhone will really be one of the better phones out there. Stylish and sleek, with great technology, though (obviously) tied down to Apple. Till then getting an iPhone for a 'great phone' and not just a 'great looking phone' is foolhardy. But then what can I say. Those who buy the phone now are the people who are helping / egging Apple on to improve the product.

In human circumstances its the same. In the initial years when you are still raw and fresh, you need people you can trust to take chances on you. People in decision making roles. Who trust you, support you and allow you to make those initial mistakes. If after 5 of them (hypothetically) you don't improve, that trust will be gone. But at least you have 5 chances. You are already successful, before you are successful. Such people (naturally) grow on to be more confident and yes, more successful, faster.

Inspired by text in some McKinsey article I read. Nothing to do with real life ^_^

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