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Diwali Sounds

Diwali is here. Well, the part of India I live in, it is tomorrow. Which makes today Choti Diwali (small diwali) and yesterday Dhanteras (day to shop-a-lot). Alright, I understand that. But what right does the 'Festival of Lights' give to people to focus on noisy firecrackers?

Don't get me wrong. I love those 'chocolate bombs' and 'ladi's with their multitude of shells and the rockets etc. I love lighting them, and I love being a part of the group firing them. But I do not, simply do not like them at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am and all the time in between, when its not even Diwali yet, to start with! What sort of demented people light firecrackers all through the night and in the early hours of dawn and all daytime? Isn't the market supposed to be in some sort of financial crisis? These things don't come cheap! How do they lay their hands on so many crackers so as to burst them 24hours for three full days?!

And that's what ruins the Diwali experience for me. For the past so many years I have been running away from Diwali in the city - ever since the catastrophic Ahmedabad Diwali experience. People there are rich and no festival parallels Diwali for them Gujjus. So it ends up as a 7 days pre- and 7 days post- Diwali noisy cracker bursting bonanza time for them. I experienced it once and drew the line for the future. Hence, even last year in Bombay, my Diwali was spent in Calcutta (where crackers emitting sound above a certain decibel are banned). And other times I have gone to quiet retreats outside cities preferring a no-show than an overkill of sound bytes and a blasting of my ear drums.

Waking up today morning for the nth time to the sound of noisy unpredictable chocolate bombs, it is bleakly that I look forward to tonight and tomorrow. I like the lightings (though in Bombay lights can leave many things to want) - its nice to see so much light decoration in every house no matter how small - the city looks warm and festive. But the haze of pollution and even more - the excessive sound! promise that tomorrow, when I spend my holiday at home, or visit some friends, my eardrums will be sore by day end.

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27th Oct, 2008 06:39 (UTC)
alas :(
one pesky kid blew a cracker(hydrogen bomb - green) barely a foot away and my ear is still ringing two days since :(.. i wish i could send him to the moon on a siren rocket, the wailing sound being his >.<.
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