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The Week

This is one of those weeks - where yesterday seems weeks ago and the morning days old.

It is often diffiult to realise this is only Wednesday of the week where Monday meant doing X,Y,Z things - because mentally those things seem to have been done the previous Monday.

This is a perfect example of a highly crammed week at work and outside. One of those rare weeks when the moment I reach home I can fall asleep. The maid has taken time off and house work never seemed more unappealing. The very much Male boss of mine seems to be sporting a rather chronic version of PMS - till now confined to the Female system. I guess its a trickle down effect from his superiors. The economy has not been kind to gouts and ulcers, and I at some level perhaps, can kind of understand the need of unecessary verbal and written down status reports - and then again, perhaps not.

The phenomen seems not restricted to me alone. My colleagues and freinds from various cities seem to be complainng of one or the other of the above ills - though none so far have had to wash their own crockery or contemplate sweeping floors. I guess the Economy becomes kind of a Equality harbringer, especially when its coming down.

But then you hear about your ex-boss having landed himself in a cushy, soft, for-life job and see all the acrilic office gossip vaporise leaving no traces of having been there. And then you wonder abut caste system in todays world - where a Senior will always be in demand, even if he is booted out (which was probably not the case, but being the mean minded person I am, feels good to think - my colleagues vehemnelty nod and agree. At least, Im sure they do if they ever read this) while Management Trainees roam jobless.

The downturn does not seeem to have effected the drinking holes of the city - perhaps it remains the only solace for harassed souls, pub owners included who expected a dent thanks to the smoking ban.

Meanwhile, as time goes on and the world looks forward to a better tomorrow where the stock prices remain at least constant and so does the Rupee/ Dollar and the US finally finishes regurgigating all the ills it has hidden in its belly. Then some misguided Indian souls will look at Obama and perhaps be shattered when he manages to get rid of their jobs - but thats for later. For the moment we shall rejoice for the Man who has a Gandhi photograph.

For now, we look towards the dawn and the promise of sunlight - no matter if its a cloudy day after that. We look towards East and run towards it, while forgetting that all that runing is only helping us to maintain the spot on the treadmill and running faster is physically impossible.

And so we live through days that are longer than weeks, and wonder at the events which happened yesterday with no outcome yet - only to realise it was an hour ago. Saturday never seemed further away.

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20th Nov, 2008 05:20 (UTC)
i hear you mate!
tell me about it. I am in a very similar situation, except that,like you said i dont have to clean house :/.. Poor you.. :(.
Everyone around seems to have gone mental, i am taking office calls at 2am in the night!.. WTF.. my new boss is an ass, square and simple, i dont like the way he functions.. blah blah..
And Hell, Saturday means nothing to me, neither does sunday anymore :/. Welcome to workplace 2010, and you are bang on about obama, when these poor chumps realize that beyond the euphoria, lies his actual agenda.. Khallas!
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