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Terrorism - more

Sitting in a meeting a few minutes ago with a top management person whose TV was tuned in to 'Times Now' on mute, discussing the financials and future of a company seemed surreal.

Looking at the TV while someone answered a phone, sometimes I felt like screaming out - Why are we here discussing inanities?! There are people being killed, mourn!

And then the prosaic me answers - But the company will exist, they will still need a bank, both will still function. I will exist and I will also need money. Being emotional and worrying will not help anyone.
Perhaps thats what all these people think.

Yet it still doesn't make sense. It still makes sense to be emotional. The strongest emotions give us power to do things we wouldnt otherwise dare to do - fight as terrorists, or against them. Sure, the daily bread is important. But it can wait for one more day. Meanwhile we can build our morale to do something.

The prime ministers address yesterday wasnt depressing in what he said. It was how he said that made it insipid. Where was the fire behind the words he spoke? Where was the conviction and assertiveness that what he said was indeed what he meant?

Emotion. We need emotion. Else whats the point of the prosaic us? Whats the point of economy if there is nothing for it to sustain?
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