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Darkest hour is just before dawn

The sun is slowly sinkin'
The day's almost gone
Still darkness falls around us
And we must journey on

The sun is slowly sinkin'
The narrow way leads home
Lay down your soul at Jesus' feet
The darkest hour is just before dawn

The darkest hour is just before dawn
The narrow way leads home
Lay down your soul
Let Jesus in
The darkest hour is just before dawn
The darkest hour is just before dawn

- The Birdwatchers

I sure hope this is the darkest hour - I await Dawn.
With the international politico and media taking so much interest in the event, there seems to be some hope of things improving - dawn is not sunlight, but at least there is some light.
The Wall Street Journal is covering the attack as its headline since Thursday, and the New York Times too is taking no respite. Having followed these news media for years now, I can assure that no other event has been so continually and thoroughly followed by either of them. Not even the US election was covered so continually.
Now to hope that out of this rises a need to 'do something' and not end the matter by passing the buck. Being so close to the elections, it is all to simple to say 'it was their fault' and end the matter till another event.

Sure there is major political upheaval taking place, with some people being asked to leave politely. However, is a change in administration the only, and only immediate answer? The people presiding till the moment were useless, but making them go is not the answer to all ills. Whoever is new has to amend the system - and that can be done only after s/he knows the system. I wonder how long that will take - not less than a couple of months. Sure, common sense if (thankfully) present will make Chidambaram take some immediate measures, but they are likely to be effected by the decades old bureaucratic requirements. To circumvent those Chidambaram will need to spend time learning - and its going to take time. Perhaps time till next elections?

There are people paid to do their jobs. Paid much more than you or me - but they are not doing it. I will not even imagine the scenario where I am incompetent about my job - because then it wont exist. Why then is it allowed in the most important posts?

Early in my childhood I remember the Emergency. This is almost time for that. But there is no one to spearhead the emergency.
Unity amongst Indians they say. Sure. The best way is to target the hatred outside. Where? I dont know. Attacking Pakistan is not the answer. But someone needs to provide a punching bag - one that is logical and really, the cause. And that punching bag has to be outside the country.

If the darkest hour is before dawn, I await it eagerly. Because if this is not the darkest hour, then it surely is a minute away from it. And i sincerely hope the darkest hour is not an hour, its a moment - because we have just spent 50 years (since Kashmir began) in the minute before the darkest hour - its time for Dawn.

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2nd Dec, 2008 03:49 (UTC)
YOU remember the Emergency? o.0
Unless it's based on how your parents described it to you- considering it occurred a full 2 years before I was born- and I'm older than you!

I was my cynical self when I wrote about the attacks- that the dust will settle and life will go on as it always has, oblivious till the next attack. Something tells me that hopefully, we will see something concrete this time.

Terrorism is something that can only be overcome by intel. Loads of it, very good and timely. And of course, taking intel reports extremely seriously and beefing up security in advance.
Simply locking down public places is no answer- if you have to stop them when they're at the execution stage, you've already failed.
Declaring a state of emergency would be draconian-and something on the lines terrorists would love- undermining things like free speech (as free as it is here of course >.>) or the right to move around freely. It is always easy to regress to a surveillance society, and much harder to revert such laws. (I'd be surprised if Obama repealed the Patriot Act, for example)

What would be a definite coup- if we could infiltrate the terror factories at the source-the madrassas and camps, and have insiders reporting on their plans well in advance, so we can intercept them before they enter the country. Finding such people (who would necessarily have to be Muslim for succeeding in this role) willing to take on such a risk is the challenge.
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