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Of Nails and the Body

When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary physically - like walk a lot, or run, or lift weights...or whatever. After unusual physical activity, one suddenly becomes aware of ones body - and all the muscles.
Oooh..... there are three types of muscle near my stomach! I can feel em! I did'nt know! *bends to check them out* Ouch! That hurt!!

My time has come for nails.

Nails. Everybody has them, and need to cut them ever so often. Those who don't cut them either end up in a record book or have a nasty habit of biting them. I happen to be a normal human being, who ends up having nails on the longer side because I am very lazy about cutting them, and cant bring myself about to even think of biting them. Plus, thankfully  I have had pretty strong nails - hereditary (thanks Dad) I think. As a result, I am pretty careless about nails. They grow and they need to be cut. A painful affair, but a necessary hygiene.

When I was in college (graduation) I had this craze - nail polish and nails. I think I had every shade available, and made every combination possible. Different colours, brushes to make designs etc. Dots, lines, half and half - everything that could be done on nails was done by me. By the end of graduation I had decided my favorite - black or else blood red (I admit, I did often indulge in alternating nails of both) for my nails. I used to grow them to different lengths (never too long else I would be unable to take class notes) and shapes(oval, square). I was amazingly good at polishing my nails - applied the polish and ran off to the underground for college. My nails would dry by the time I reached the station.

But then that craze died as did graduation time. And for years now, I cut and shape them when needed, but that's about it. And put on some polish when I get the time. I forgot about this body part of mine.

Till last weekend. And now I'm learning more about nails than I ever cared to find out till date. This Saturday my friends were about to come over, so in the absence of maid, I thought it best to apply myself in cleaning the necessary equipment - glasses. I had just finished washing up, and then started taking out a cardboard box from a shelf...when the phone rang and I jumped. Result? I twisted the nail on my little finger and being soft after being exposed to soap and water, it tore mid-nail-bed. After a while I made it to a doctor, who told the nurse to bandage it and informed me how much it will pain when it will grow out. That took my mind off the immediate pain though.

The next evening I replaced the bandage with a Band Aid. This was a 'washproof' version and stuck rather tightly. Though the finger felt weird, I kept it on and went out to buy some stuff. A casual look at my finger - it was turning blue! I immediately took off the offending aid.

The next morning, I applied another Band Aid before venturing out for office. This time I took pains to ensure it was a little loose. Result being, I took it off mid day in office. But by then my finger was a pretty site ^_^. The bandaged portion was pale and the dots in the band aid ensured a mottled appearance. The nail itself looked yellow and bleak. It was good fun pointing the finger in colleagues' face and watch them getting grossed out. I wish I had a photo. Plus, it was my little finger...and you know how weird it is when you stick out your little finger from a closed fist! (A month ago I had hurt my right hand middle finger while closing a window. Was good fun to stick it out and say 'Look! I hurt my finger' to colleagues who bugged me. Polite and subtle. That's me.)

So after a couple of days, I finally followed the Docs advice and put on some nail polish - apparently it will act as an adhesive and prevent the nail from tearing up any further, while keeping the present pieces together. However, as luck would have it, I have been bumping into someone or the other and now I can see a fine crack on the polish where the tear is...as if the nagging pain is not enough.

Which has suddenly made me aware of my body - my nails. I have ended up in sites like this and this to find out how long it will be before the crack/ tear makes it to the tip and I can cut it off, and look for ways to make it reach the desired goal faster. I can barely wait till my nails grow long!

As per the websites though, I think I will be reminded of my nails for a month or so to come. I swear, Dear Nails-of-mine, I will not disrespect or take you for granted any more. You shall be cleaned, cropped and painted as long as I can, and kept happy. Meanwhile, do me a favour and grow fast. I will take up Calcium tablets if you so desire!

PS - It is interesting to note that another of my frnds has also been suffering from a torn nail, though by a different reason (drumming), while I found another in office (cooking).... suddenly nail casualties seem to be crawling out of the woodwork.

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( 11 comments — Leave a comment )
4th Dec, 2008 11:56 (UTC)
dont hurt
my hurted finger! :D :D
remember that guy in college?.. wat was his name again, he used to be in the lab..
btw.. i think thats the longest article i have ever read on nails.. even my biology book barely had half a page on it! :P
4th Dec, 2008 12:12 (UTC)
Re: dont hurt
oh and i forgot the main reason i wanted to comment..
i had to use a bad pun.
As In you really 'Nailed' this post.. :D.
4th Dec, 2008 12:16 (UTC)
Re: dont hurt
well as long as you mean nailed it as in 'good' I dont much mind ;)
4th Dec, 2008 12:26 (UTC)
Re: dont hurt
*fluttering eyelashes* would i mean anything else? xD
4th Dec, 2008 18:50 (UTC)
ouch! stop!!
The very description makes me clench fingers into a protective fist!
The worst I've faced is having fingers squished in a window, hurt like the dickens. Take care..u don't want it to get septic.
4th Dec, 2008 18:54 (UTC)
Re: ouch! stop!!
lol. no not that bad...and got that antiseptic bandage done by doc on Day1 so is safe that way :D
5th Dec, 2008 18:50 (UTC)
Ouch! It must have really hurt.
6th Dec, 2008 17:29 (UTC)
ooow! long nails terrify me. My granny for instance.
10th Dec, 2008 18:51 (UTC)
Re: ouch! stop!!
^^ dint have long nails. Just wrong angle.

Who is this?
10th Dec, 2008 15:01 (UTC)
Reading that itself made me cringe!!! I've had that happen once. NOT good =/ As for nail polish lol...I used to use it in first yr college but then I gave up once the bottles started drying up due to lack of use...
*goes and looks for a shade to try on* Mostly I just prefer to keep a small part grow beyond the nail bed and then make it white tips ^^
10th Dec, 2008 19:13 (UTC)
Re: Gahhhhh!!!!
oh i dont grow nails for nailpolish. i put it on cut nails as well :)
and what u talking of is a 'french manicure' - is OK for me.
somehow i dont mind nailpolish - never have - and like stunning bold colours there. blood red, tar black are my favs ;)
( 11 comments — Leave a comment )

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