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Cheeky day

Waiting for lunch and my comp to become fast again, since this is the time for the copany wide comp virus checking via the server. Just sent a mail to boss abt a few companies whose ref i had found, but no details. everytime i looked for details the only thing i could see abt a certain one was - the wonderful low carb beer it served, and heineken had bought it over and it is famous and more popular because of presence in greek and other holiday places to ppl associate with it as a holiday drink etc etc.
wrote to boss: The only information I can find is of an Amsterdam based beer company - which I dont think is relevant!

And some more mails on the same lines.

In one case i gave full details on a company only to follow up with a rider : "But this does not seem to the company bacause the products dont fit."

Expected replies - ur vella / be serious! or...take it in his stride. well, lets wait till tom for the ans shall we?

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