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Moments of blinding clarity

There are some things in life which seem so obvious that we often overlook them. Then, in a sudden moment of clarity one realises what it actually means.

For example, today morning while looking at some news report which mentioned M F Hussain, I suddenly realised the reason for the clamour behind his depiction of Hindu Godesses - he is Muslim. Perhaps that is not the only or the main reason, but even with such a name screaming out his religion, I never considered him to be anything except an artist.A wonderful painter - and then religion and country dont really come into the discussion.

When I talk to my friends, I do not think whether they are male or female. And then one fine day when someone asks me if 'X' is someone Im interested in, I realise the person is a man. OK, so it may seem obvious to many people, but sometimes to me, its a fact that has no real value - on a personal level.

Similarly, last night I met V and Vip and S for dinner. And on the way back I casually mentioned the irritating secret permanent account gifter - and while I was speaking I had the Moment of Clarity - V and Vip dont even know about this account of mine! Now I know them for eons, and we talk about almost everything under the sun. In fact, V and I have discussed writing and journal writing on many occasions. Yet, somehow, it never occurred to me that the URL of this blog had never made it to them. Not even when Vip shared his blog with me did it occur to me that the exchange was not mutual. It just seemed like it url had been shared ages ago - because the thought that I did not inform V of my blog was weird. It was so obvious that I missed it.
(So now that clarity has come, I hope V will become a permanent fixture in my comments field.)

Sometimes I have a conversation in my head. Then I argue with say, my Mom about what I told her and of course, she's never heard it before. To me, it is so obvious that I will tell her something that its inconceivable that I have not. Actually, I sometimes think its hereditary ;)

There are similar moments in every sphere in every place. Every person some time or the other faces the obvious and remains oblivious to it. Sometimes opportunities slip by and we dont even realise them. Doesn't every person have the moment when they truly admire something and yet do not say how much they love it because its so obvious to them that they like it that they dont concieve of a moment when its not obvious to the other person.

Small incidents and occasions which make all the difference in your own life and of those around you - and you dont even realise it! Sobering thought isnt it?

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