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The Year Beginning Post


Out of all the topics above, I will not write a post on any of them. Today I shall talk about Trouble.

Trouble comes to the best of us, in many forms - small fleeting ones or large earth shattering ones. But they have one thing in common - they are life changing. Yes, even the small ones. They change your life, just like happiness can. But more than happiness can because trouble is something we do not see coming. We don't expect trouble and hence it is something that impacts one more than even the larger happinesses of life (what do you remember more? The awesome birthday party or the reprimand you got during it for dropping chocolate cake on the carpet?)

2008 has been a year which has seen a large amount of trouble. The year does have one virtue - most people will not forget it and any historical reference will mention it on some front or the other - social or political or financial, and most countries will remember it - whether it be USA, Europe, Japan, India, China, any South East Asian country or even Iceland. This extra-long year (its a leap year and also, one second longer than last year) has packed in more excitement in it than some of the other years in my lifetime. The year has seen a lot of tumult and chaos. Developments and destructions. And some good stuff too. I guess. And that statement, kind of holds true for my (and maybe your) personal life as well.

But, like I mentioned, Trouble teaches something. It changes the course of one's life, whether we want it or not. If life and times were Easy all the time ('Easy' is the only antonym of trouble it seems) we would barely stray off-course - and that would never do, would it.

However, trouble is something none of us really like. So we remember it more clearly, so that we avoid it and we try not to get into the same type again.

Suppose January 1st (or any other date you fancy - or one date every few years) gave you the powers to actually start afresh - to forget what you've done, to start your personal and professional lives anew - the option of un-doing any serious damage you have done by reliving that again. A chance to move, in one fell swoop, from what you are now, to an alternate (but somewhat similar) lifestyle. Would you? Would you really want to relive all the moments that have happened in the quest of a perfect life - one with no troubles in it?
I'm sure you are pausing to think. No one wants to re-invent life. They only want modifications.They want to brush over the nasty parts and add a halo around the good moments. But no one actually, really, wants a life which is airbrushed and smooth and lovely. We, at some level, embrace trouble in our lives. That's what makes us human, that's what makes us appreciate what we have.

However, there can be too much of something. Like disaster on varying levels on varying fronts, like many incidents of 2008. Infact, 2008 marks itself as one of the years where we have little scope of dwelling on the nice moments, because the nasty ones were so numerous and so monumental.
So, I hope we all behave ourselves, act to the best of our abilities and have more wonderful moments to talk about at the end of 2009, than sad moments. I also hope that unlike many previous years where the actions were to justify a wonderful year-ending audit on 31st Dec 09, the actions in 2009 ensure a wonderful life-ending audit - whenever in the future that is.

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