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The Lady

I saw her standing in the office lobby handing over an elaborate box of chocolates to someone saying in very exaggerated lip movements "I made them at home, you see", while her other hand gesticulated, touching her chest and ending with both hands holding the box while giving.
A little curious, I moved on in my work - puzzled because the passing moment ensured I took notice of her - well dressed, yet drab in a way, not poor, not rich; and definitely not office crowd. I forgot.
Soon after I was leaving office and met her in the lift. I had ample time to observe her then. A petite lady, slim and barely 5'4", she had hair neatly cut very short, which was salt and pepper and her fair face was ... proud yet peaceful. Aquiline features which still managed to convey petiteness. Her head was held at an angle a little above 9degrees.
She was clothed in what was probably classified as 'the better clothes' in her wardrobe - a dark wine coloured cut-velvet skirt, just below the knee and a soft cream blouse with ample translucent lace on the bodice in layers - yet not loud or garish. As she walked out in front of me I noticed the shoulder pads which exaggerated her wide bone structure. Her shoes however were well worn out pumps with short square heels sloping inwards. She carried two bags, one a well used biggish plain black leather handbag and another a jute bad in which she had probably kept the chocolate box.
Initially I thought she would be around 50, but her mannerism, her proud yet elegant stance, her clothes told me she was older. I hazarded 60+. Just about. Her clothes were old, yet well kept and maintained, probably barely worn and treasured as the expensive ones, and taken out only for special occassions. Clothes from her prime era.

She was a beautiful lady, probably considered attractive and pretty when she was 40. Her clothes were right out of the era of TV Soaps of the 80's with the exaggerated shoulder pads, light wafty materials for blouses with lacy layers - so Dynasty. Which would mean she must have been in her late 30's or early 40s then - confident and comfortable in those clothes, and barely changing her style or wardrobe since then.

I saw saw her walk off towards the bus stop and offered her a lift - but then she needed to go farther than me and so preferred the bus.
She reminded me of the power of beauty, of how important it is to people who are older now. Who relive their glorious days when they commanded their presence by entering the room - people who place more importance on looks and dont feel confident till they do look good. People who get into their younger skin by meeting their freinds from youth, wearing their old clothes (which they would ensure still fit) and people who, most of all, relive the better times. Times when they probably were more comfortably off than now. Because now to them, the power ofyouth, ambtion, hope, beauty and money has all been rolled up into one - the memory of younger times. Times more than two decades old maybe. And small things bring back to them the glow and confidence of those times.

Before this visit (and perhaps the string of visits this day before this particular one) the lady must have spent time grooming. Thinking out what to wear, going to the hairdresser for a hair trim, vexing about her nails for all we know. It was all for one moment, but the feel-good factor stayed on for the whole trip, probably a memorable one, for her.

I had seen her on 2nd Jan, Friday, but forgot to post this.

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