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There are some words which can entice a reaction out of whoever hears it. The reaction can be good/ bad, jealous/ happy.
Goa is one such three letter word. It's not just the word Goa, sometimes its also whats added ahead of it - something like "I'm going to Goa" or, "I'm coming from Goa".

Goa has seeped into the subconscious of every Indian (and many non-Indians) as a place to party. The place synonymous with 'holiday'. An endless beach front open to days of lazing, lying around, reading, drinking, partying...whatever you want. It does help that the place is Portuguese effected with quaint houses, old churches (including a saint) and gorgeous food (being India, the veg food is also great). The people seem laid back and mostly fun. And its unimaginable to consider someone hard at work in Goa. Goa means less inhibitions, casual clothes, drinks, dance, carnivals.

The place offers every kind of beach to anyone who wants to find one. And infact, even if you dont want to find one. From Hippie retreats to secret alcoves known to select foreigners, to highly commercial and populated beaches. From rocky sands to smooth melt under your feet sandy beaches. From places where you get families, children and lots of playthings, to beaches close to rave party locations or plain, quiet, quaint bars serving authentic drinks from anywhere in the world. Goa has always meant something to everyone (even Europe) - right from the Portuguese era dominion, or the Goa Inquisition to modern day hippie/ dopers brought in dead.

Yes, Goa brings many things into people's minds - but nothing more than the term 'Superb Holiday'. It is incomprehensible for people to imagine one going on a disastrous trp to Goa, though that may very well be likely.
However, whoever admits that?
Being in Bombay, its almost a done thing to go to Goa, as it is one place from where the Union Territory is highly accesible; but its surprising to note how few people actually have been there.

My last trip to Goa was quite a few years ago, and since then I have wanted to go there again. Well, tomorrow evening I depart for Goa, meeting my long unmet freinds sashdude and rexzilla who also make their way from equidistant locales.

Yes, we are going to Goa. That phrase has had many interesting reactions in many people who have cared to ask about the weekend ahead of me. For my colleagues who are married, the phrase has been modified suitably to 'Im going to Goa with the remaining bachelor frnds from my group' and look of longing and jealousy, and a plainly written story of imagination running wild in their minds is enough to make the trip worth it, in advance.

However, what really takes the cake for the trip is the scenario of gloom, doom, impending year-ends and uncertain appraisals, distraught companies, distressed freinds and unceasing work pressure with an island of three days of bliss. Perhaps the trip will not be calming. Perhaps it will  be too hectic. Perhaps spending so much time in-person with people whom I spend phone and internet hours will be ... different. and then, perhaps not. Perhaps the air in Goa will magically make every worry vanish, like we hope it will. Perhaps being together will make every problem diminish and perhaps the pains needed to reach the haven will make the paradise seem better.

Whatever it is, we all are positive, eager and definitely looking forward to it as a solace, a meeting point and definitely a time to finally lift our glasses together, actually, physically clink them and cheer at our fortunes. To begin a year well, so that all ends well when it does, to have fun as bachelors - foot loose and fancy free as long as we can. To make our physical selves meet more often than our virtual ones. To cut away from our daily grind of office rumors, stock markets, news on the internet and squeels of anger from bosses, not to mention the daily nuances of routine life (actually thats not quite so true. I dont think I or any of these two really lead routine lives)

The thought is enough to put a spring in our step, and the apprehension is enough to make us joyful, enough to have brought a smile to our faces in the middle of a non-stop busy day; enough to make us crack silly jokes and mentally go 'Whee!'.
Goa, here we come!


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22nd Jan, 2009 16:34 (UTC)
We is going!
We is going!
We is going!

You were right about the envy it elicits..whoever i've told goes 'ZOMG!!'. Especially the married ones! xD!
22nd Jan, 2009 18:39 (UTC)
Re: Woohoo!
envy?.. people i meet think i am mad.. one asked me.. how can you afford to be so cheerful, when we and your company are being rogered.. i just go GOA!.. :D
To say that i am looking forward to this more than america looked forward to Obama, is an understatement..
22nd Jan, 2009 19:32 (UTC)
Re: Woohoo!
:D Totally.
and isnt it because the company is in deep shit that youre going to places where it cant hit you? ;)
Afterall, you are not exactly going to prison or change the course of an organization over 3 days!
Some ppl!!

But who cares, when there is Goa!
22nd Jan, 2009 19:30 (UTC)
Re: Woohoo!
:D Just wait till you show em the snaps ;)
22nd Jan, 2009 19:18 (UTC)
Yay! A well deserved holiday. Drink an extra glass for me!

22nd Jan, 2009 19:24 (UTC)
Re: JM
:) Sure! Though if the last glass one evening pushes me over the edge - it may be the one I drank for you ;)
23rd Jan, 2009 12:19 (UTC)
Well, it used to be a Union Territory. Not any longer though.

~Have a rocking trip though :)
27th Jan, 2009 05:39 (UTC)
^^ we did, thanks
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