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Classic Rock and Women

As I finally sat back and let some music play yesterday, I realised the many reasons I enjoy whats termed classic rock. And now Im not talking of the music itself. Of course, it does help that the music is so simple, straightforward and nice. That all they care about is a couple of guitars, drums and a synth to drive the vocals. But what Im going to talk about now, are the songs.

Classic rock has traditionally attracted singers with Attitude. Right or wrong is a matter of perspective, but it cannot be denied that in eyes of their idolisers, each and every band had a member (or the band as a whole) that could be worshipped as a Demi-God. Usually that meant men, but we do have the likes of Janis Joplin and well, Tina Turner/ Etta James. But Ill come to the ladies in due course. Lets take the more plentiful Men first, and for the sake of this post.

So, the men had attitude. They walked around stage in extreme leather or casual jeans, had great bods or were just about palatable, but they were definitely charismatic. Each and every one of them. And I have not even touched the semi starved raging fanatic look of Jim Morrisson which made women swoon, or the unkempt bronchitis ridden grunge look of Kurt Cobain.

Then lets have a look at what they sang. When not singing about inner or social turmoil, I can guarantee that almost 80% of the songs were songs about women. And women who were dear to them, stronger than them, and women they worshipped. Sweet Child of Mine, Crazy, Dazed and Confused, Light my Fire, My Girl, Hole in my Soul, American Woman, and even Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody does begin with Mama) and Pink Floyd to an extent. The songs when not about women, are uplifting usually, or introspective, with anger or being neutral, but not sad. And when about women, well, which woman would not want to hear about a singer who is crazy about her going on about how dazed and confused she leaves him, or how he loves her madly and she walks out the door, or how our hero has a hole in his soul while waiting for the love of his life, or simply, how pretty she is.

And when sung in those voices! You see, the voices of yesteryear's rock singers were not macho. They were masculine. There is a difference. When Creed came up with the distinctive raw male voice, it was interesting and new. Till then Metallica ruled the roost and they usually just growled when necessary otherwise left the tunes to themselves. However, the novelty of such deep voices wear off really easily. What sticks is the variation, voice modulation and the feeling with which the songs are sung. When Scorpions sang Still Loving You, you can feel his yearning; when The Doors went L A Woman, you felt his curiosity; when Guns N Roses went Dont you Cry, you feel soothed and when Led Zeppelin went you shook me all night, you feel shaken, if not dazed.

So why would a woman not like classic rock? What does modern rock have to offer for her? Androgynous men, vampirish women with shrieking tones, and lots of jarring music and not enough guitar strumming studs. What's a modern day guitar sporting sissy in front of the raw sensuality of AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Van Halen etc. And whats a deep voice in front of feeling and lyrics worshipping her. And technically cohesive music? Well, its nice, but it aint raw. And Women like Raw.

While the classic rock music scene does cater to the whims of men, it definitely serenades women. And a woman who has been serenaded this deeply with heartfelt emotion, will think twice before changing loyalties.

And now, I will get back to Clapton singing to Alberta and lose myself in his heartfelt yearning.


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2nd Feb, 2009 11:01 (UTC)
classic rock FTW.
I like the idea of serenading a woman with classic rock. I have seen/heard sinatra songs or classic western..but classic rock..YEAH baby! awesome! :D.
Classic rock also rules, coz its the sort of music we grew up with, and has aged like very fine wine.
ROFL at metallica growling reference :).
I dont dig the contemperory rock scene, with linkin park and other imbeciles >.
2nd Feb, 2009 11:12 (UTC)
Re: ^___^
err.. i know the post is meant for women..but like i said.. classic rock ftw :D
2nd Feb, 2009 12:30 (UTC)
Re: ^___^
^_^ there are some modern rock that is nice, but for me, classic rock ROCKS. Esp because of reasons mentioned above. Which straight woman would not like a nice male voice to listen to!
2nd Feb, 2009 12:09 (UTC)
Tyler does feature in! with HIMS ! yay!
Gawd! I thought you forgot to mention him! :) but not in this post which shall go down in archives now, aint it? :)
hey! please cant u revise this nice post of yours with mention of "crazy" , please? pretty please?
hmm, ah well, nice post , cheers up the mood..no comments required!
2nd Feb, 2009 12:29 (UTC)
Re: Yippy!
How could I forget Crazy!
Added! ^__^
2nd Feb, 2009 13:27 (UTC)
Re: Yippy!
scooby dooby doo! and scarbby doo too!
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