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Short interlude for Delhi 6

After much hype, and much talk, I relented and saw Delhi 6. I walked out maybe 10 minutes before it ended, because the movie just did not end. And for some reason it was full of religious propaganda. And Delhi, Chandni Chowk, is not Haryana. People do not speak Haryanvi there. People do not discriminate by caste there. Not now. Maybe 15 years ago. Not now. Police is not evil. Delhi police is amongst the most helpful in India. Coarse, rugged, but they work. Yes, there are cases where they go wildly wrong and misuse their power, but not as blatantly and as regularly as shown. And women in Chandni Chowk wear jeans.

And, if the director felt he should show negatives of every religion, then there should be equal emphasis on all sides, not biased in a bid to please some fagments. If relegious propaganda is what is the motive of the movie, the director should have the guts to be true.

The Movie should have been called 'The monkey man episodes' and not the loving slang used by people of Chandni Chowk - 'Dilli 6'. Because its more about an alleged monkey-man murderer, which was rampant almost 10 yearsago, and religion than about the people, and even less about the accidental love story.

There is no scope of reminiscing and liking whats shown about the city - it is too matter of fact a portrayal. Snapshots do not a story make. And the best actor of the movie has a total of 15 minutes on-screen time. OK maybe 20. Abhishek Bacchhan needs to spruce up - in looks and acting (really, too much beard). And Sonam Kapoor deserves more. The pigeon and she fight for screen space it seems, and both excel. As compared to the rest.

But. I loved the music. After ages Rahman has given music that is nice. Music you dont have to 'get used to'. Which is true for most of his songs. And for the past few years, they have definitely not even grown on me. However, after a long time he has given a really nice score. And it was needed. Afterall, there are some decent songs in Indian movies now.

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