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As the world burns

The century has paved the way for ruin and fall. We have been steadily declining from the road of growth, innovation and prosperity and yet barely seemed to notice it. Even now, when we see the incidents around us, we take it as a magnification of past ills and heightened media senses. Is it really so?

The economic world is at a virtual collapse and though it may have been propped up by a walking stick, money is still hard to come by, as are jobs. Sure, there is a vast majority who has a job, but all of them are thankful for it. We all know someone personally who has lost a job in the recent past, and that is a reality our parents did not experience.

The political world is - well, almost non existent. Our leaders are either people with zero experience, chosen to lead because the other alternative was scary. Like, for example, in India.Those who care about making a place for themselves in politics are decades old, withered and on the verge of collapse - not just physically, but also in their mental faculties.Forget changing the country, it would be an ordeal to see them uphold what we had for the past few years. The younger ones are too highly influenced and under the thumb of parent to make any difference to how the country runs. An open economy, fierce competition and really bad leadership - a broth that can make anyone feel ill. The election results are a mystery - but there seems to be no hope. One worse than the other.

Socially, the world seems to be battling away to keep faith. Because when there is no money and no social security, people turn to Gods. And what Gods. Talibans making headway everywhere, with their unbalanced view on humanity. Christians up in arms about simple things like salt and evolution. And in India, so-called Hindus trying to convert it into something the faith never was suposed to be. The only religion in the world where the Gods drink, have consorts and allow lies (if the truth hurts someone you love, tell a white lie), has been twisted in the hands of frustrated groups calling themselves 'Ram Sena' and the likes into a violent, regressing, Taliban-ish version which has imposed the purdah of fear on women in their cities.

As work reduces and money dwindles the power of brawn rises, so does the ego and ergo there are more cases of robbery, murder, rape. Not a day goes by without a news of gang rape, a woman killed, forced incest, murder, dacoity. When we study History, we read of the Dark Ages - when money was less, crime was high and power was in the hands of a select few while religion swayed the public mind. And though the European Dark Ages are popular, there was one in every part of the world.
Is it much different now?
Are we entering another Dark Ages? Or are we already in it? Things really are as bad as they look. See no further than your private sphere - where those who hold power use it ruthlessly - like the employers, the local politicians and rule makers, and religious heads, and the inordinate power and addiction to the Media.

Perhaps it all comes from a weak economic condition. If so, things can improve in a year or so. However, something makes me feel this is not so simple. Not with terrorist strikes, flaunting of nuclear warheads, decreasing resources to share, increasing population, and skewed religious beliefs.

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21st Apr, 2009 08:28 (UTC)
Civilizational panic
The last 60 odd years since the end of WW2 have been an anomaly in one way- the recognition of human rights, the sovereignty of nations and rule by international law. All lovely theoretical concepts that were of course routinely violated.

Yet- this is what has caused outrage at the Iraq war, whereas in another era(19th Century and before) such invasions were routine.
Now- terrorism has obsoleted the very notion of a nation state- they can attack anytime anywhere unbounded by restrictions or treaties, and every country ends up in a heightened state of preparedness- by curtailing human rights and basic freedoms in the name of security.
Economic depression is just the icing on the cake.
Gloomy times indeed- perhaps this will spell the beginning of a new world order in the coming decade.
21st Apr, 2009 09:37 (UTC)
Re: Civilizational panic
wars had become on a different level - cold war, technological war, economic war. That was caused by the disaster caused by the WW's.
Wars had never ceased, killing people openly by arms had.

And, are we looking at the third WW? For a new world order, I guess so :/
21st Apr, 2009 10:28 (UTC)
Re: Civilizational panic
I don't think we'll have a conventional war like WW2. Terrorism is here to stay, and we'll just continue to have low intensity skirmishes around the world. All bets are off on India vs Pakistan though :(
21st Apr, 2009 11:26 (UTC)
Re: Civilizational panic
sheesh. But I agree, small Kargil's at the most seems to be a norm.
How long before Bangladesh joins in, full-fledged?
21st Apr, 2009 09:40 (UTC)
its nothing new. If you follow the rise and fall of civilizations, across a history of a few thousand years, there always has been a period of relative calm, and then an absolute period of chaos. The only difference being that after each subsequent iteration, its getting worse and worse. Taken as one, as you have listed above, the world does look like a nihilist's dream, and an anarchists paradise, but its not very different in tone to the early 1900s, leading upto the first world war, and similar periods in history, which were characterized by a loss of values, war mongering and slaughter.
Btw.. having referenced my post(thank you!), a comment might not be out of order.
21st Apr, 2009 09:53 (UTC)
Re: actually..
Its true that there is always a rise and fall, a steady Sine wave in every civilization. But sometimes, just like the Stock market, there is a deep trench that civilizations encounter. Like the famous Dark Ages and more modern - like Aurangzebs rule and then onwards, after the prosperous Mogul legacy in India.

It seems that we have reached another such depth, or are heading slowly yet steadily towards it, with no respite in sight.
21st Apr, 2009 11:19 (UTC)
and no fire brigade in sight..
The thing that bugs me is - Why us? why in our time? Could have happened 50 years ago making WW2 a bit more compounded from what it actually was ( if thats possible) or happen 50 years hence ( when i m resting in peace ) !

Anyways, it looks like all this mess is the result of hyperbrain activity of some ppl from WW2 era who were without work after it ended. Or ppl who were busy in coldwar but rendered workless after russian collaps. CIA trained Taliban, CIA trained ISI, Taliban befriended ISI, Russians trained Iraqis, Russians supoprted Afganistan, Taliban supported Hamas, CIA worked and trained Mosad, Russians brought in Mafia, Mafia brought in Underworld, a long existence of Black and white economy seperate is not possible and boundaries collapsed , world tumbled.
I mean its all inter-related. Just a food for thought. Every one says bubble, but it can only happen if their is artificial inflation and more often than not, the excess money comes from balck economy and not white. (there are more than enough barriers to ensure there is limited income in white money)
21st Apr, 2009 11:29 (UTC)
Re: and no fire brigade in sight..
^^ well, 'about us' cant be answered, but yes, it is a compounding of the 'pass-the-buck' syndrome going on for some time.
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