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This time in cal, I was quite busy, to the point of exhaustion. However, I did squeeze out time for some things - like looking at the snaps of my moms students in their art exhibition held on Worl Disabled Day in Calcutta (My mother teaches in a school for deaf children, and apart from usual study lesons, they are taught miming, acting, painting and other crafts to help them communicate better, and also find possible careers). It was amazing. There was glass painting, beautiful candles, awesome Lino prints (if you know how they are made, they are more amazing), paintings, collages, Shola work, etc.
Apparently the exhibition was a great success...and thankfully I had asked my Mom to buy one of the works for me - she bought a collage of a scenery with 2 rhinos (mommy and baby) and also a lino print for me. Well, I brought home the collage, carrying two from calcutta to Ahmedabad would have been a tough job.
Then, I wanted to know how they amde the candles. All home made, my mom was nice enought to keep some wax aside for me, and colours and all were bouth. a delightfule afternoon was spentby me in making, melting, pouring, colouring, shaping and moulding wax in different forms. Right from the standard candles in moulds, to frosted candles which look like snow to candles looking good enough to eat to roses. All were made by me in a wide array of colours. They lok amazing. and desceription cant do justice.
There is this mushroom on a base. It is a tilted mushroom, which is in a light mauve colour, shaded to a darker mauve on the part where it is tilted, with froth of wax on it...it looks like mauve snow has fallen on it, and frozen...tipping off parts of the mushroom...on the mushroom stand also...and at the bottom, under the mushroom are red, blue, purple, yellow roses scattered along with green leaves (small ones)...a concoction on the scale of - a dias of 8cm diameter, and 10cm height (appx). it fits an outspread hand, and if I may say so, good enough to eat! Quite good for a first time candle maker I say, even my mom was impressed :)
tyo bring it here would have been risky - it could have broken, so I brought one of the shaded candles - red base with yellow triangular top.
das Interresant! Now I shall look for the ingredients in poor lil Ahmedaad, and look to making more here, and experimenting, and....

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