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Haan, hum chahte hain ki aapke beti ka haath aap mere bete ko dein.
Kya baat kahi aapne S-ji. Agar humari beti aapke ghar aa jaye to isse badi khushi hume nahi hogi.
To yeh lijiye, muh meetha kijiye!

And so the boy and the girl met.
Thankfully this time, in real life, the sweets were not procured that fast and the couple were allowed to meet and choose each other.

Yes, this truly happened, though the dialogue above is conjecture, but allow me some writers freedom to make it Filmy. This happened in Bangalore, Karnataka between an Andhra Pradesh family and another Rajasthani one.

This interesting brand of marital alliance between one of my closest and oldest frnds and the mystery girl was quite hush hush till the last moment, at least to rexzilla  and me. Surprisingly put together by two families with nothing more than freindship in common, this rather filmy get-together worked romantically. Bangalore seems to be a city seeping with love ;)

Within a month of moving to a new city, a new job and a new house, alone, this man has found himself a few steps away from the altar. The same man who till months ago quaked at the serious thought of being wed.

Till the year 2005 there was a spate of weddings within my friend circle. A break was seen by me in 2007 when M, my erstwhile flat mate got married. This year seems to be again quite busy maritally and my calendar is filling up with wedding invites. My brothers wedding in December was expected. Now I have to add this frnds wedding and skip his engagement, as another of my frnds is getting married on that very day, in a different location. Auspicious day indeed!

Which basically reduces the trio to a duo of single spirits. Thank goodness we had the Goa vacation earlier this year and didnt wait till later. Because in the present scheme of things the later wouldnt have come.

Now to wait and meet the lady. And of course, attend the wedding to check whether 'baratiyon ka swagat Pan Paraag' se hoga ki nahi.**

[For my non-Hindi speaking audience:
We is used as a substitute for 'I' to show higher rank as compared to middle class families
* - a famous dialogue from most Bollywood movies in the 80s where two high ranked business men converse about their eligible children:
We want this friendship to culminate into relationship
O Rly?
Yes, We wish that your daughters hand is given to my son (in marriage).
What a wonderful thing Mr S. If my daughter is wed to your house/ family, it would give me great joy.
There then, here are some sweets to seal the deal

**- a famous advertisement from my childhood, where the only 'dahej' that the boys side want is that everyone is given Pan Paraag (a mouth freshener) when they come to attend the wedding.
So I wait to see if we are welcomed keeping the fimly manner alive, with Pan Paraag]

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( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
29th May, 2009 07:13 (UTC)
Kyun nahin!.. pan parag se hi swagat kiya jaye :D..
I am still quaking at the thought..but sort of resigned to it..:D.. more laterz.
29th May, 2009 07:19 (UTC)
Re: LOL!!!
But pls to note, I wrote "quaked at the serious thought of being wed." key words being "serious thought".

Now you have seriously thought and acted. Quaking after that is different ;)
29th May, 2009 10:00 (UTC)
Well written post. Considering that “Single friends are an almost extinct species” for you, this is quite a significant milestone in your social circle. (I am working on a corporate presentation and hence the jargon :D)

Ab tera number kab hai JM? He he. (Yes, this is intentional and I am trying to be the poking – in – personal – territory kind of friend) ;)

Btw, I got married in Dec 2007, and it is NOT 2008!
29th May, 2009 10:29 (UTC)
Sorry, made the change. Dunno how I made that error :D

Yeah, Single frnds are now 'Under Threat' ;)
29th May, 2009 10:48 (UTC)
:) Fairy tales are some times real! :)

And now I am thinking of the replacing the term " single friends over 25yrs age" with " Dodo " :D
They Are nearly extinct! ( even though DODO is extinct, I like the name ;) )
29th May, 2009 12:48 (UTC)
29th May, 2009 13:13 (UTC)
Re: Erm...
What what?
(Deleted comment)
5th Jun, 2009 06:18 (UTC)
Re: unrelated to this post...
I might. Was he a very thin specimen? On the other hand, he might remember me. Im very bad with names n faces. and eco was right next to my dept so Im sure we bumped into each other some time.
(Deleted comment)
5th Jun, 2009 06:38 (UTC)
Re: unrelated to this post...
Ah him! I dint have much interaction with him, but def know him by sight.
I was in Botany. Right above the Eco dept.
(Deleted comment)
5th Jun, 2009 07:01 (UTC)
Re: unrelated to this post...
Lol. truly a small world. Ill tell you a story.
I met a girl from my batch, Eco, during my MBA. We became frndly. Her Mom turned out being a classmate of one of my Botany Profs., from Presi, Botany.
( 10 comments — Leave a comment )

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