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Mothers are the scariest of any lot. Human or animal. The moment you leave them alone, they grab what they can for personal selfish causes- in the name of their child. if it is so difficult to manage child & urself, I say, stay @ home or et someone to manage for you.
and pls. don't give me nonsense about'compulsion'. I could believe it for one out of 10 cases, not all 10.
of course, the worst are other ppl who watch the(usuzally) ill behaved/ hyperactive child with an indulgent smile & sympathizer with the 'helpless', tired, poor hardworkin, courageous mom who is travelin with bzby.
even if that travel has led her into a gourmet restaurant 30mins later than the baby's food time, without suitable water fpr the child. You see, such z situation gives her amplified rights to crib, roan and shout at the hotel staff for not servicibg her hard enough, especially since they might have been remiss about the pain of carrying shopping bags and a baby. and not helped her with either.
same holds true for preg ant women who assume the world knows their sorrow, conceived due to bad contraception.
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