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The Europe Vacation

I am back from my Euro-trip, and though the trip spanned four countries, five cities and two more fleetingly, lots of experience and fun, what I'm writing here are just headlines (probably) about the few incidents that have stuck in my head. There were a lot many more incidents, but here are some that particularly stood out, which probably deserve whole phone conversations, or posts on their own, and still be incomplete - because it was the moment that made them. The only person who would really appreciate them would be S, because she was with me at the time. Some are funny and make us laugh, some make us shake our head in wonder - we did that?, and some - well, some just nice memories.

The incidents are not necessarily in order of importance, or in fact in chronological order. They are as I remember them now, which is totally, completely random.
 1. The Smelly Man on the train back to Interlaken Ost
 2. Vito and his charming brother's (whom we didnt meet) poster in the hotel loos (I'll try to hunt it out on the Net)
 3. Green Wine (don't ask!) in Florence
 4. Swiss Pen Drive and DVD, Made in India
 5. The Lockers (!) in Geneva
 6. The Notre Dame ticket counter man's question on number of tickets
 7. Running towards - trains/ boats/ buses/ metros/ flights/ name it!
 8. Pisa Airport
 9. Grappa
10. Spritz and sandwiches and The Bridge
11. Battery and Memory of Camera
12. The Japanese receptionist touring the World who loves Shah Rukh Khan & Dil to Pagal Hai
13. The Shoe Shop in Firenze
14. The Glass Blowers and the Lace shop - and the unrequited discount
15. Being mistaken for Italians and Parisians and Italo-Swiss
16. Abdullah - pronounced Aybdalah
17. The men at Moulin Rouge - inside and outside
18. Food at Bern
19. Beer Festival
20. Being called 'Bella' and 'Mademoiselle'

... I just realised I could go on and on so I will jsut stop here. Needless to say, There Are Many Things I could Talk About, but Ill get tired of listing them all out. Maybe I will just remember them in snippets.

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31st Jul, 2009 05:01 (UTC)
So tempting to take a vacation!! All this is part of life when one is carefree and enjoying the moment. In daily routine, we generally perceive we dont have time to even notice good things around us! vacation! and ur last tweet confirms this feeling i guess! ^_^
have taken print out of it, will pester u later on it! ;)
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