DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Another year for Dippyblogs!

I created this blog on 8th July 2004, at 10:20pm. Five years ago. I have six hundred and sixty five posts, including some inane ones, and many many introspective ones, about the world, universe, people, myself. I have in fact tried every thing possible on this blog - written stories, poems and even reviews. I have written in every method I wanted to, and my wonderful handful of readers have been faithful to me.

My first post, as most posts are want to be, was just a filler about blogging, with an error while posting it so it came out twice. Though I must say, it did set the tone for my blog, because even then in its artless way, it was hardly completely inane. I started writing rahter consitently then, and not about trifling matters either. Soon after I wrote my first real post.

When I started off, this was a private medium, and no one had access to my posts except the close friends who were in on this secret journal. Slowly, I gained confidence (on myself and the Net) enough to leave it open to the spiders and bots, but even that was only a couple of years ago. Till date I'd rather not share all its contents with everyone I know. For this blog has stood by me through thick and thin. As I ranted about my office, my life, exuberated about the small things that impact my life, this blog has seen it all for 18% of my life. And I have been faithful to it.

Recently due to many factors, my writings on it have reduced in number, perhaps improved in quality (depending on what you call quality) and become less personal. With higher number of people reading, my writing has been influenced to be more extraverted and rather than focus on my own troubles, the focus is more towards the interesting incidents and thoughts that occur to me. Then again, my faithful desktop publishing tool has been disabled by the admin in office severely limiting my jotting down of every thought and whim.

But I hope I continue on Dippyblogs for some time to come. If I can blog consistently through five years and more than six hundred and fifty posts, I should be able to do so for double the time. Especially since I won myself a lifetime paid account here, I should do myself this favour.

So, Dippyblogs, heres a Belated birthday Wish - that you become fatter and your pages continue growing. That ten years from now I can go back and still read my initial posts and remember the highs, lows and wonders that my life held - from the time I entered the corporate world and from the time I started living truly by myself. This blog has sentimental value and though having a permanent accoutn gives me flexibility to lay it bare to the Internet World, I have found I cannot bear to go back and make changes to my posts for the sake of unknown people.
Dippyblogs shall always remain a blog dear to me, my window to the world, and not really a public attraction.

Ps - the links I have added here are of my earliest posts. I have written so many better ones, but I feel like getting a little nostalgic and pointing out my earliest writings.
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