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Simplicity of Life

If life were simple, there would be just two parameters governing it - you and your choices. However, Life as we live it, has innumerable parameters. In fact, some people believe that an arbitrary butterfly in some unknown deserted island doing its own business aka flapping wings to fly (which is what butterfly's do) can result in a hurricane in another part of the world which can then proceed to disrupt, nay annihilate not just one, but a number of lives! How about that!

If the above is a difficult concept for many people to fathom, I really do not care to force it upon you. However, I do care about certain small things. Like the understanding that everyone needs to work. When they choose not to, they have their own personal reasons to do so, or perhaps it is a choice of profession not seen as 'work' by very many people. For example, being a housekeeper. It is a full time job. But, some (many) people see it as a normal 'activity done by a woman'. This does not detract from its seriousness, but believe me, it is a personal choice to do it full-time as opposed to doing something else and making your partner share the housework.

Now, if life were simple, things would be something like following:
Feel like working? Take up a job. Earn money. Have fun!
Dont feel like working? Quit job. Sit at home. Have fun!

But life is not that simple now, is it? It has all these other parameters skewing every decision and choice taken.
However, while the rest of the world marches on, in India a stupendous population of women do not to work. The term 'Work' here is used to denote an activity which includes an employer from whom payment is exacted, at least once a month, in exchange of pledging ones life.
OK I exaggerated there. But being the intelligent human you are, I presume you understand what I mean. So basically, it does not include yon homemakers slaving away for a pittance pocket money.

As a result, men are expected to stick it out at Work (to support home y'see), and go on ranting about bosses or believe that life is 'just like that' and they have to live it as it is. However, woe be to any women who mentions the atrocity of such life. She is then expected to do as so many of her kin do in India. Quit, go home, and ? yeah. "Have fun!"
It does not strike these people that unlike them, who take work as a part of life, we, the women who are changing the landscape of the country at the moment, are working not because we HAVE to, but because we WANT to. You see? There is a difference? Let me elucidate.

When you HAVE to do something, its a part and parcel of life. Breaking away from it is not a question, hence it does not arise. However, it is a drudgery they have to live with. Like the king who has to bear the drudgery of court life. Hence, the directive becomes money and more money. Money earning as soon as possible, so the King can retire soon, or at least be the richest King amongst the neighbouring Kingdoms. (But remember a King nevertheless)

When you WANT to do something, you do it because you can. You do it because you like it. Usually, I would take an example of an artist or something here, but that would defeat my morale (already low with shitty work). So I will stick with the facts. Like mention the women in India who work. They work because they want to. Because they like to. Because they want to pay for their own living and not wait for any pocket money for slave labour like running a home. Becuase they want a status and recognition apart from being someones child or partner or parent. Is it really that difficult to fathom? Granted, it is not yet a necessity to be out there earning your bread else be classified as a loser or something. But thats what makes it even more complicated. They WANT to be out there, working.
If work is so bad, they will crib, but get a new job, boss, profile, whatever.
If they were the type that wanted a rich man to get married to and then stop working, they wouldnt be working seriously in the first place!
If they were the type who worked for some pocket money to splurge with, they would restrain themselves to being receptionists or open a Kurti shop in their garage or something!
If they were the type who only want to do housekeeping, they will.
They would not sit in office till wee hours trying to get a promotion and a raise and worry about their boss to prove that they can work. Heck! They would live the way they wanted to. Unless their house needed the cash. I make that exception.

But life is not so simple. It does not boil down to a simple thing like - when women dont like their work, they quit and sit at home and enjoy life with their savings!
It is complicated. And it goes something like - When women dont like their work, they, just like other human beings, crib, groan and look for a way to make their lives better. Going home, quitting without an option, and living off your partner/ parents is not a choice they consider.

As for taking sabbaticals? Well, I eagerly await the day when a sabbatical on my CV will be positively accepted.

Now, dont you wish Life were Simple?
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