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The Visit

She resigned herself to the seat, and lay back with trepidation. She combated a feeling of helplessness which she could do nothing about. It was a necessary evil. She only hoped the person was experienced. This excursion was on the basis of her friends recommendation, because the last one had bungled up rather badly, removing the little faith she had in her 'regular'.

'Relax, wait let me adjust the head rest' said the voice and she found her neck going further back. All she could see was the ceiling. She sat up and looked in the mirror in front of her, anxiously searching for the alien face. Finally she caught her eye and gave her pointers and directions again, with care. It would not do to vex or irritate her. Her this excursion depended upon it. One deft flick of that persons wrist and ... she shuddered and lay back again.

'Feeling cold?' The sympathetic evil voice asked in her ear, almost making her jump out of her skin.

'No, no, just...' and she gave the most brilliant smile of camaraderie she could, in the circumstances. And then she gave herself up.

She cried a few silent tears as well, surreptitously wiping her eye corner while acting like she was removing dirt. But the tears were few and the pain little.

Finally, a light dusting, and a little astringent and massage later she was ready.

She looked into the mirror and her fears vanished. She was happy. The eyebrows were perfect, exactly as she wanted them. The previous persons mistake had been covered up well. This new eyebrow threader was indeed good.

Her face was now ready for all the world to see.


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20th Oct, 2009 13:48 (UTC)
do they use a needle and thread to do it? OUCH!
My first impression was 'dentist!!' :D
20th Oct, 2009 14:09 (UTC)
Re: what..
Eek! No needles pliss!
21st Oct, 2009 04:52 (UTC)
the moment i read " the person was experienced " i thought - "BEAUTY PARLOR" !! ha ha
we have a saying in delhi - never change ur barber and doctor! I guess old people went through this trepidation and hence arrived with this pearl of wisdom! ;)
27th Oct, 2009 11:02 (UTC)
Re: :D
:P sometimes ur forced to ;)
22nd Oct, 2009 09:55 (UTC)
So your eyebrows no longer meet in the middle anymore? ;)
27th Oct, 2009 11:01 (UTC)
:P They never did.
And this was more like a memory of another woman entering the parlour
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