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We are the Future

So many times so many of us have compared our lives to the images SciFi writers had in the 80's. And we fell miserably short.

Where are the flying cars? The teleportation? The space travel? The Future is not here, we wail.

But then, I realised this is the Age of Data.

Information is everywhere. We are bridging the world, creating an enviable mass of information, available to anyone who cares to look. The internet has grown beyond any imaginable proportion. It is almost comparable to the Universe. No one knows its limits, it is forever expanding, and there are unlimited avenues on it.
Whatever the human mind knows today is available there. So much so, that now it is stated
"If it doesn't exist on the internet, it doesn't exist."
And the best part? It can be searched. Searched in anyway that we want.

Imagine someone who comes out into the world after 10 years of seclusion. The houses are the same, food is the same, cars are the same, flights are the same. People, mannerisms, clothes - everything same! (OK so fashion changed. But not drastically) 
But, the computer is OMG different. There are cell phones which can do everything except probably wash your clothes. Music players that can blow your mind and television that perceives more colours than your eyes.
Are they in the future? Yes. Definitely.

We are in the future. In the small part of it leading to the big revolution. The Sci Fi writers leapt ahead too fast. But we are going to catch up with them.

First, let us finsh the first draft of catalogue of the human mind.

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7th Nov, 2009 08:26 (UTC)
We ARE the futue! but the irony is..
that we also ARE the past and the Present.
7th Dec, 2009 10:56 (UTC)
And that wud be why I have a job ;)
So now you have all this data at your fingertips. It's ALL out there!
But there is a trade-off that you have to make in terms of time spent in understanding problems, knowing what data is relevant to solving this problem, retrieving it, analyzing RELEVANT data and making sense of it in application terms.
So the next age has to be the intelligence revolution.
Where we are able to easily (that being the operative word) put together these masses of data that are available and get some insight out of them.
The race is to build tools to do this faster and with minimal effort.
Otherwise its just data, stored in nice shiny colorful containers (indexed files, disks and databases and Wikipedia's and what not)...but still data.

Neural networks are getting there, but its still gonna be some time before practical applications enter our lives. That is the 'near' future.
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