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Tied Together

I tell her I hate her
I do
She's just like me

She tells me Im different
Shes right
But Im just like her

We run away
We decide things
try to live our own lives
But we cant
We are joined - by the hip

She tells me she likes it
I agree
I liked it too

I tell her I dont get it
she gets it first time through

We are different
in our own different ways
Yet here we are
joined - by our feet

We run away
Yet we find
We ran the same way

We scream
We find
we shout the same way

but not at the same things
we pause
are we not joined?

But we screamed together
at the same pitch

we are then joined - just by the neck

And then we live
and she smiles
and I laugh
See? We are different

She thinks
and I pause

we were merry
We had fun
we were sad
we lived our lives
Each one different
Two different people
Two different times

But then we find
We did the same

No matter what
it was just the same
No matter what
we liked each other

We could not run away
we were then joined - by our brains

We think different now
Wish things are different
Separate thoughts
for similar occassions

Yet we know
What will be

we tell each other
because she likes me
we tell each other
because she lives like me

though we are far
we are twins
living the same lie
the same truth
a time lag or,
a time spin

We are - Joined by each other
we are joined by fate

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16th Nov, 2009 04:56 (UTC)
Nice poem! :)

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