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Sweet Success

Success she tells me
Is all one needs
it brings money
it brings friends
and it also brings joy

Success is what
I should look for
it completes one
it brings glory

What is success
I ask her
to be famous
to earn money
or to live life

She does not know
she tells me
I will know
when I have it

then i thought
perhaps its work
no matter what
success will be at work

And so i worked
for that elusive

I was successful
I worked all day
I worked all night
people knew me
they wanted to know me
it was sweet

so this is success
i thought
and smiled.

I had reached it early
i thought and grinned
No need for Nirvana
none of that hard toil
all one needs
is work and work and work

I remembered what she said
about success making life good

and I looked at my life
and it was good
it was nice
it was pretty

but it was not happy

I had worked all my life
i had no friends
i had money
but no time

its the usual story
said I
so I will now try
to attain a life

I gave up work
for leisure
to pursue true happiness
i was now dedicated

I now had friends
but they were not mine
I now had art
but not by me

Success in leisure
was not for me

I met her again
and asked her
what she meant

did she have success?
was she one?

I was young said she
now i have grown
i define success differently now
each one has their own

no matter what you do
success is in that
it does not ensure friends
nor happiness nor love

said i you mislead me
i quested all my life
i gave up my work
i gave up my life

you are successful
she told me
for i wanted to work
i knew what made me happy

i went back to work
i went to my life
my friends were waiting
they cheered when i arrived
i was happy
i was successful
for i knew what i wanted


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29th Dec, 2009 11:47 (UTC)
Re: ^__________________^
^_~ danke!

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