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Home Sweet Home

This year is different from other years. This year I went to Calcutta more than three times. No wait. I went there 3 times, but my parents (yes, both of them) came over one by one. A first.

So I returned from Calcutta this weekend after a two week stay. And all it feels like is a blip in time. A look at my calendar reassures me that it really has been two weeks. Perhaps it was the hectic activitiy and series of events, perhaps it was the shuttling to Blore office on a hectic schedule, perhaps it was just that it was an enjoyable time that it seems so short.
However, I do rememeber wanting to be back to bbay. To my schedule here, to peace.

The primary premise for the visit of course, was Boomba's wedding. And it was fun 0 in its way. I was rather too happy on the final function night (cocktails) where I didnt need to be in formals (read Sari) and wore a dress. Finally wearing a sari took its toll on me.
The day I landed I attended a wedding. And I was immediately tired of weddings and dressing up. But then the main wedding awaited me. And associated functions. THat means dressing up in the morning for small functions with certain family members and in the evenings for other functions with different family members. Carrying gift to Brides home, Cocktails at the brides home, wedding proper, bringing bride home, entertaining frnds and family in evening, preparing for the big evening, bou bhaat (reception), and then preparations for the cocktails from our family. Phew!

In the middle of all this mayhem, I had to go to the Bangalore office for a day. So, on 19th there I was, right after the reception party, sitting up all night with my brother and his frnds on the terrace, waiting for my taxi to arrive. Flight at 6am and office by 10am. Back by the late night flight and up early for the cocktails the next night!

But it was fun. Though I hardly got home food, the last few days were food orgies, and I brought back food while I kept some of my clothes back in my old wardrobe at home. Who needs them anyway?

To top it all, an old frnd made his way to Cal to participate in the festivities (or a part of em anyway) and enjoy a trip to the city. Taking him around was somethign I enjoyed doing, but unfortunately it was a limited activity with my time being pressed. I wish I could show him around my college (presidency), College Street and my favortie book shops there - where almost any book can be found. Breakfast at Flury's and a drive over Vidyasagar Setu. Not to mention Phuchka, churmus and egg rolls. Imagine! This time I myself did not eat an egg roll. (world flips over)

Tired I am, hectic it was, but it was home. It was fun mixing up Bengali in my Hindi. It was fun to have so many people around me (though yes, it was tiring after a while). The hustle and bustle, constant list of things to do, and then sudden periods of inactivity. The new frnds, old frnds, frnds of frnds. The sweets, the Chingris (lobsters), mishti doi's and Biryani's - all mixed into a delightful fortnight. All jumbled up together and yet all distinct. A whirr of activity and a blur of memories.
A sweet sensation which leaves me physically tired at its mere thought.

The fun of showing my house to a frnd of mine after about 8 years!
Calcutta this time was fun, it has me yearning for more because it was the calcutta I knew in College and not the Calcutta I go to for Holidays.
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