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Its Official Now

I hereby make it official. My office loo hates me.
Yes, I do believe that even a collection of inanimate objects can have a
conscience, but the moment you give it a name, it becomes alive. In a way.

So the bathroom nearest to my desk in office has a grudge against me for
some reason. It does not do anything like you would probably see in The
Exorcist. For starters, it does not try to exorcise me. But it does these
small antics within its realm to make me frequent it less often.

The Sink is the main perpetrator in this. You see, Mumbai is suffering under
water scarcity. As a result, the municipal corporation of Mumbai has reduced
the water flow to most parts of the city. However, due to the recurring
nature of this problem, most buildings have reservoir tanks which they fill
up and use when the municipal supply pauses. Apparently my office building
did not.

So, for a week, we had lower water levels than desirable, which meant
nothing more than lesser water force at the taps. However, in my case The
Sink took it upon itself to avenge whatever it was that it wanted to avenge.
Everytime I used the tap, it would greet me with a low 'grrrr' and no water.
Then, within a few seconds when I would wonder at the lack of water, it
would then spurt out water with a force the Niagara would be ashamed of.
Sometimes, it would allow me to soap my hands and awaits its pleasure all
the while petrified at the thought of 'no water for soaped hands' scenario.
And then spurt out with the famous gush, while I would thank the gods, and
look at me water splashed shirt with dismay.

This treat, however, I noticed was restricted only to me.

Now that the water supply is back to being almost-normal, it is the flush
that has taken offence. It is with dismay that I note that everytime I use
the cistern, it *does not stop *pouring out the water till I go back and
fiddle with the handle. Ugh! And this again is something that none of my
other colleagues face.

I wonder what I did to annoy The Loo. Was it the toilet paper? The frequent
hand-washing? The secret preference of the washbasin in the *other* loo?
Tell me! Oh! Please tell me! And I shall be penitent!

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26th Apr, 2010 08:41 (UTC)
Maybe it's haunted..
..with the restless spirit of Groaning Ganpat, the building janitor who disappeared under mysterious circumstances while cleaning the place during the Great Rains of 2005.
26th Apr, 2010 10:22 (UTC)
May be its trying to motivate you to write a work of fiction. May be the loo is haunted or rather crooked. May be the spares of the loo were used on the sets of the movie '13B'. May be you need to discover its genesis.
4th May, 2010 08:57 (UTC)
Finally peace prevails!
From the uni-sex loo, F&S, Mumbai,
Apology accepted. Normal operations will resume from now on. No more sudden surprises, as long as you maintain the current level of diffidence.
8th Jan, 2011 11:13 (UTC)
laughed a lot...
8th Jan, 2011 14:21 (UTC)
Re: amazing
PS - the Grudge continues. I still dont know why
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