DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Today is a 'Nice' Day

Today is a nice day.
The kind of day when the sun actually does shine down upon you. After weeks
of incessant rain, the clouds have parted, and pale, warm sunlight surrounds
you, making you smile.
The air is still cool and the wind there enough, just enough to not make it

It is the kind of day one wants to be creative in. Make something new. Do
something new. Learn something fresh. Or just sit and talk to close ones.

I wake up in the morning, the plants look perky and bright, the sky looks
blue with small puffy clouds. The wind rustles the curtains. It has to be a
nice day.
The relaxing weekend leaves its mark, and I want to kick start the week with
brightness. I choose sunshine yellow.
Reaching office in itself is not a chore, but sitting down and working is.
But work draws me in, making me attend to it, forgetting the day, the
It is the kind of day that takes me back to Ahmedabad, TPL and TRC. I long
to look out and see rolling green plains. To listen to music, and talk to my
freinds (then colleagues). To take some time out, while at work. To go out,
sit near the highway and have sweet, sticky, strong tea.

Instead I look out at the new building under construction, I direct work to
some colleagues brusquely and I try and focus on the work.
But I cant. This is the type of day that one should go on walks. Long walks.
Within the city or outside. Just walk till you are tired.

So I daydream. I think about leaving office for lunch, walking down on a
brisk, but steady pace, till I reach home, with a freind or maybe two. To
sit there, have a long lingering lunch with juice and ice, till the ice
melts in the glass, leaving a pool of water. Then to relax, sit there
looking out, chatting and laughing. And after having my fill, look at my
watch, wonder at the time, and return back to work, only to wait till
evening comes.
It is that kind of day.

Have you ever done that? Gone home for lunch from work? When home is not
near? Looked out from your house window on a pale sunny day, feeling calm
and relaxed? Eaten lunch at a table while having spent the morning in
office, all ready and dressed for work?
Its glorious.
And it has been a long time since I did that. Today, I want to do it again.

But I cant.
I live too far away, and I have too much work. Lunch came and went, and I
stayed sitting here, working. I call up N, he is home for something from
work. Laughing with his mom on some joke when he picks up the phone. I envy
him and his being home.
I come outside, then. I drink in the day. Pause from my work, look about,
and promise myself an afternoon, soon. Before monsoons end. Before such days
pass onto the clear autumnal winters of Bombay.
I promise to remember the promise.

Then I remember there is a lot of work. I come back inside. I look out. I
know its a nice day. And work doesnt seem so bad.

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