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It is not the first time that I will comment on time, and perhaps not the last either. The fluidity and abstract nature of this elusive concept excites and confuses me everytime I think of it.
November 5th was only a blink of an eye ago, when it was Diwali this year, and yet, when I think of this Diwali it seems to be another year. In weeks, it was just a week ago that it was 15th november, when I was thinking of the developments and work to ensue in the last week, and here I am, still planning only to realise that it is the last week of November.

Time seems to stretch at the most unseemly moments, elongating like a well chewed gum as you walk on its thin thread, while collapsing into a small ball which you can skid over when having fun. Days seem to pass by unnoticed, made long with the events in them. Office can last for hours, and phone calls for minutes. Evenings stretch into midnights and mornings into afternoons, making each day seem like a week when looking back. Yet, while living them, they days feel short.

Sometimes when I look back to yesterday and think of all that I did, I wonder - was it all in just 24 hours? Because when I was part of those hours, it seemed endless. Days are whizzing past so fast, their supersonic speeds leave me with no sound to gauge their passing. It is only I look back and I look forward do I realise that a month has passed, and then another.

It was only yesterday that it was searing hot. Today it is cool and I remember the heat was not yesterday, it was in March. It seems a week ago that I sat and followed the FIFA. And yet, its already history while so many other tournaments happened in between. At the same time, some things that happened yesterday seem to have occured in another time and place, by someone else.

I look at the watch. It is 3.46. Yet only one glance ago it was 3.30. Why does time not pass now, when I want it to? But then, maybe I dont. Because the taskbar shows the files that I have to work on whether I like it or not. And I have only till 6 to make them vanish.

Time. The one factor that determines so much of our life - day and night, events and passing of events. Yet, time itself warps itself around my head. At moments like this I feel thankful that time has been scaled and determined into quadrants. That it is not upto individuals to determine its duration. That there are clocks which will tell me the standard.
And yet, sometimes I feel I wish time was in my hands. To extend as I please, to shorten when I want. So nights for me could be longer, and mornings shorter, so time spent with my friends and family could be suspended, if only for a while, by me, while the world moved on.

But then the clock rings and I realise, that Time - elusive, stretchable Time, is calling me back to a standardised universe, where the Sun determines my moments.
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