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Trip down Memory Lane

I walk down the street. Its been a long time. I enjoy the feeling. The feel of the pavement. The trees, the fork in the road. I walk down, weighed down by my laptop and high heels, the uneven broken pavement interspersed with trees sprouting through its width, unexpectedly and inconveniently. I walk along zig zagging between the road and the pavement, avoiding the cars and the pets on leash.
I let the familar feeling seep in. It feels good.
Turning right I see my familar shops of milk and biscuits, and cola and chips. I dont want any, unfortunately. Im tempted, but the weight on my shoulder deters me and I walk past. I pass my old house - the Nepali guard looks at me, looks away. I start to feel diasppointed, but then he looks back sharply and gives me a huge, shy grin and an enthusiastic 'namaste!'
It feels good.
"namaste!' I reply. And stop to exchange pleasantries. And with nothing more to say, ask about any letters that may have come my way. I leave a forwarding address, look at the lift with temptation. Wonder about my faithful maid, and then just turn and leave.
I go down the road and turn - the coconut water seller attracts me. I realise Im thirsty. Then I see my old trusty parlour. My feet change trajectory before I know it, and Im inside. Into a cool room with low music playing, familiar odour and a familiar face smiling. I sit down as I wait for 'Madam'. Being away from the harsh sunlight outside releives my eyes. The coolness feels good to my suit clad body. The weight off the shoulder even more so as I keep the laptop aside.
It feels good.
Suddenly Molly aka Madam enters 'Arrrrrey! After a long time!' she squeels. I smile. I get my nails painted - in a way only she can. I sit back chat to her, and relax. She seamlessley goes on to talk about her son, the girls who work there, like there never was a gap. The familiar feeling relaxes me, takes off the tension of the workday. It feels like a mini holiday. Personal mini holiday. I close my eyes.
It feels very good.
I walk out. And get the 'nariyal paani' eventually. I feel refreshed. Now I dont want to get a cab and head home. I want to walk around some more. I head towards the favourite snack store and buy the regular quota of delicious 'diet' snacks only this shop stores. Finally I notice the time. The traffic must have swelled by now. My feet are aching. My shoulder as well. The extra packets bought dont help much.
Quickly I cross the road and get into a taxi. A taxi - after a long time. It feels familiar - the roads, the view, the ride. I smile.
I sit back, and watch outside with semi closed eyes as I relax on my way home. I keep the short visit as a memory tucked away. I know it will feel less special the next time, and the next, and one day might not mean anything. But today, I enjoy being back where I was almost 5 months ago.
The taxi hits the highway, and surprisingly, traffic. I have not travelled this way with the traffic in the evening. Its no more like I knew it.
I lean forward, take out my phone and come back to my present life.
It feels good.

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19th May, 2011 17:39 (UTC)
Lovely post. And shows how far you've come in 5 months!
20th May, 2011 04:05 (UTC)
Re: ^^
^^ yup. But you know what they say - the more things change, the more they remain the same
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