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Two quotes

Read two things today that reminded me of somethings I mentioned earlier.
First, the more lyrical prose:
"'People care more about their plans if they make the plan themselves.”
This seems true. It seems true for all plans. For all departures. For all entrances. And you can tell if it’s your own plan by how lost you feel. People who do their own plans feel lost most of the time. People who do other peoples’ plans feel on track most of the time.

This is basically saying the same thing as stating how easy it is to judge someone's sitation and give advise. It may be the more level headed thing to do, but unless you yourself are in the frying pan, you will never feel the fire. And if someone tells you how to get out of that pan it may be the best way, but you will never feel as invested in that method if it were thought out by you, yourself.
And that is so true in anything. You may respect someone's knowledge, but unless you learn from your mistake, its just knowledge, not learning.
We, as human beings, have enough ego in us to believe stuff, but not really care for all that we believe - till we go through it.

And when we make a path we want to follow, we need that constant reassurance that we are right. Reassurance through our friends, family, books, or even self written blogs. Like changing jobs. We will never change a job just because everyone around us can analyse that it is making us someone we are not. We will change it only when we feel it ourself, and it is bad enough to make us want to make the change. First hand feelings.
And then once we make the plan that we want to shift, we need the constant reassurance that what we are doing is the right thing. The choice being made is correct.

The other para that struck me:
"Sometimes Sickness might also be telling you something. When I worked for a private equity firm I fell once for no reason and could barely walk for a week or so afterwards. It wasn’t good for me to be there. I never  went back. And later experiences proved me correct. Your body sometimes knows more than you do."

This is so true for everyone I know. It is like a physical manifestation of mental anguish. When we are unhappy, and unwilling to accept that fact or act on it, our body shows it.
I have seen so many people join new companies with high hopes, and then just falling sick. Like nobody's business. Good employees, great drive to work, but that persistent cough and cold, the inexplicable fever, the sudden back stiffness. It is not just the actual illness, it is something that employee refuses to face up to - that s/he is unhappy in that new job. That they need to look closer into what has made them unhappy and tackle that, rather than just the illness.
So many times in interpersonal relationships a person can continue to fall sick - and that is because of either stress or that unaddresses need for attention. Whatever it is, when your body starts behaving in a manner different from normal, it is time we addressed the psychosomatic phenomenon.
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