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It rained

It rained last evening. The first rain of the season. After blistering heat, unbearable humidity and severe test of human endurance.
The sky turned cloudy as the sun started setting, reflecting off into the horizon myriad hues of pink, yellow and orange. The wind picked up. In the busy streets of bombay, people smiled and looked up. Nature demanded attention.

We got into the car and rolled down the windows. It was still warmer outside than in the AC of the car. The wind was strong, but dusty. We rolled up the windows. After a while we stopped at a shop and when we emerged, fat drops began decending in a leisurely, slow manner - scattered into the small garden in front of the shop. The dust welcomed the raindrops and gave off their approval with the distinctive after-rain smell.

We ran into the car, but the windows couldnt be let down - it was raining too hard. Everything was getting wet. Our minds and eyes refreshed, our stomachs seeked warm Maggi. And we stopped yet again. Rushing into a shop getting wet in the pelting rain. Perhaps we wanted an excuse.

Home and all windows were left open to let the cool, lovely wind come in and refresh the months of heat stifling the apartment.

Morning, and everything seems so peaceful. There are clouds, yet its not dull. Though it has rained, its not enough to bring the 'freshly washed' look out of everything. But everything looks more peaceful. Even the sun peeping in. Birds seem to fly about everywhere, and the wind is cool. The roads empty with Friday and the first rainy evening giving enough reasons to many to stay home. It is extremely pleasant.

I come to office and cannot sit still. I open the window blinds in front of me, and stare at the building in front - half of it cool and reflecting with dark glasses and the white part shining in reflected sun. I feel like going on a picnic.

The people in office seem happy, smiling and casual, and I am not sure if it is only because it is the end of week or the plans of watching the first day showof a highly anticipated movie.
I want to pack my bgas and go off on a long drive, N in tow, sandwiches on the back seat. Maybe a walk around the office compound will help. I look down at the small patch of greenery, with a thin road for cars, imagine sitting there staring at the sky. I know work will call me back soon. But I take the time to go down and enjoy the first day amongst many - of calm, peaceful weather. The monsoons, have arrived.

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