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On Starting my Fourth Decade of Life

I turned thirty. I did not really notice when I turned 20, I kind of noticed when I turned 25, and now, when I can say I am 30, it is with definite knowledge that the decade of being a 20-something is now firmly behind me. I dont regret it. I had fun.

My decade of 20's has been a rollercoaster ride. It started with ending college and joining a B-school and ended with marriage. Quite well framed, if I say so.
When I turned 20, I was in Calcutta, studying at Presidency College. I appeared for my B-school selection exams, and gave my college finals. Then, while I was still 20 I joined my B-school, said goodbye to my parents, moved into the hostel, and I turned 21.
I cannot forget my B-school days. But neither can I forget my years after that.

This has perhaps been one of the most eventful decades of my extremely eventful life. In the last 10 years I have lived in 4 cities. I have been a college student, a business school student, a junior manager and have risen up the ranks, and have changed from being a spinster to a married person (just in time to be 30). I have evolved from living in a hostel, to living in a working womans hostel, to living with friends, to living alone, and now living with a family. Strange, how in a way I moved from living with family in 20, to again living with family when I am 30, and yet in such different ways!

I have experimented a lot! Personally and professionally. I have been footloose and fancy free for most of the times, with responsibilities limited to my parents, who lived in another city. My time was my own, my money my own. Within this time I packed in extensive travel, including a Euro trip with a good freind. I experimented to some extent with my job role, and kind of found what I was looking for.

When I turned 29, I had little clue of how important that year of my life would be for me. The year started with my mom spending my birthday with me - a first in 8 years! And of course, N spending his time with me. By mid year, I was in love and married and by the end of the year, I am a six month happily married woman. Almost exactly (28th to 28th). To a man of my dreams.

Now my next decade has started, and I cant be more eager. It is strange that my life has been divided so well into decades. But it gives the whole thing a neatness that I could never have planned. My wedding anniversary too falls so precisely near my birthdate - a difference of less than a week.

I still have to do so many firsts! I still have to buy my first anti-ageing cream! I still have to learn the guitar and I still have to Bungee Jump.

I start my thirties just married, in a career where I am stable yet eager for growth, and a city where anything can happen! Life has opened up another level of iterations, and I just cant wait to go through all of them!
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