DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Today, Winter Begins

I awake from a dream rife of pottery and competition and large, beautiful cars. And I look at the dull sky above and stare at the clock in dismay. It is already late. Before the day has begun for me.
As I rush through the morning rituals, I try and bring in a ray of sunshine through the initial thoughts of dismay, delay and an important pending decision. I remember it is 28th. Our 10-month anniversary. It makes the day a little better as we wish each other with childish delight over this token milestone. One of the many that makes our lives a little more special to us.
As if the thought of 10 months is not enough, I dig through my cupboard and take out a kurta I had hardly ever worn. I want to wear ethnic today. I need to sport my shiny new toe-rings, gifted on Karva Chauth by my mom-in-law. I have not worn them yet. Have not had the occasion or chance to.
I feel special wearing the shiny silver rings on my toes, with light blue and pink petals made on them and shiny stones in-set. They look very traditional, and to me, special. I show them off at home and they receive due recognition and acclaim.
We step out into the car and look out. Above the cars, traffic and the tangle of cables, the sky looks divine. What was dull in the morning is now layers of puffy white clouds, stretched thin one over the other with sunlight streaming through, making them look golden and awe-inspiring. And a blue, blue sky behind them. I could stare at them forever.
It is end-of-November, yet warm enough to have the car a/c on full. There is a slight breeze if we roll down windows though, which carries with it a chill factor to make you comfortable. It is the kind of day I would love to spend walking outdoors. Or indoors, with windows open, reading a book.
Office. And colleagues comment on the electric blue nailpolish on my toes, quite disregarding my new toe-rings. N comforts me - the toe rings make your feet emphasised, but the nailpolish is too bright and colourful for anyone to notice much else. I agree with him as we walk back from lunch. The light blue polish on my hands does not go unnoticed either, I add.
The talk meanders and we lapse into silence, comfortable together, as we stare ahead, and sometimes, into the layers of clouds. The promise of an evening together and perhaps a slice of cake to remember the day by, makes us smile. Its nice to walk around today, N says. The weather is nice. We enjoy the beginning of the last week of November.
The slanting sunlight feels good after a light meal. We agree, it is the start of winters in Bombay. The winter sun, if not the winter chill, then. And we smile. Today, is another good day.
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