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To 2012!

There is a propensity of every blog writer to do an obligatory new year or end of year post. I am not too different from the rest of the human race, though I have been procrastinating for some time now.

2011 was a landmark year for me in more ways than one. And not only was it the year that began with my marriage, it was also so for some of my other family members, and thus an activity filled year. It was a year of many firsts.

2012 promises to keep up the blazing trail. I begin this year with a new job. Almost at the same time as last year when I was preparing for my wedding vows, I am now preparing to bid adieu to one workplace, and lifestyle and start another. Gone will be the days of traveling to the same office as my husband and returning together. Of seeing him during lunchtime or at the pantry. But, as I have seen in past, eventually things do happen for the better, and I look forward to the new company, work and everything else that comes along with it.

2011 was a year where unwittingly and unexpectedly I traveled a lot. Within the country and outside. Whether it be the honeymoon, work related, or just vacations. Travel we did. Almost every month.

While I can’t promise myself anything for the coming year, I do think travel might remain an important element, and I hope it does. At the same time I hope it doesn’t. Somehow, the element of travel has lost its charm when done alone. And this in itself, though surprising, is a decision maker in many trips. Kuala Lumpur could be extended by a weekend. But why should I, when I can be home? Dubai could be longer – but wouldn’t home be better? A day more in Calcutta could have been extracted, but I preferred to be back, even a day early. And so I have left the thought of travel or none aside. As either way will suit my fancy, it seems.

I do hope there are some things that we will gain control over this year. I do hope some things carry over from last year.
I really do not know how this year will turn out. I do know that these date changes are man-made and actually, life goes on as usual. That these changes and divides are our mental fancies, and left to nature, things remain just the same, changing as we change them. To a person who has no New Year Celebrations, 2nd January is just the same as 2nd December, just like 2nd July is probably like any other date in the calendar.

But then, it is the human mind that makes change happen, because of our set boundaries and our WIll. And then a celebration of an ‘end’ and a 'new beginning' can always mentally prepare us for things new and old, but definitely better and brighter. Yes, actual change can happen over time, but we can prepare ourselves for it, brace and say – I will change this from Today.

And so in 2012 after I-don’t-know-how-many-years I have kept a few resolutions. Just a few, a total of maybe three or four. But I hope I see them happen.

Time has flown, as always, and it will fly past again. But there is still time at this moment.

And so I usher in the new year, just four days old now, with lots of hope and aspirations. And I hope you do the same. Wish you a very, very happy twenty twelve.

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