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Today is a holiday.
Not literally. Just in my mind. The morning decided itself for me, that today will be the kind of day that I will spend gazing at the cornflour blue sky dotted with heavy, laden clouds. Clouds that look grey underneath and shine silver on the top with reflected sunlight. And eagles as they leisurely catch on to the multitude of currents, circling away, in droves, making entertaining dots against those massive clouds.
The thought itself makes the day a reason to celebrate. To wear new shoes, and less-worn earrings. Of looking at ways by which to fill the time at work, except for work.
But its not to be, almost. The multitude of meetings yesterday have made my colleagues curious. What is it that we have been discussing behind closed doors? And then another comes up - why dont we initiate a new proposal regarding X? Afterall, only the sales team works. No one else does snything.
And I smile back patiently, and then not-so patiently. The top management are no fools. A suggestion from a worker drone only looks at one aspect. What about the other dimension of everything?
Then I look out at the rolling hills outside. Mumbai landscape can be quite inspiring, were it not the teeming masses of humanity and their filth all over. There are small hills, cliffs and the sea. It could still have been a beautiful city. But then we have the humans. And the buildings, and the filth everywhere. Makes it difficut to see past any of it to the pretty green hills and the waves on the sea.
I forgive my colleague. He only verbalises his thoughts. At least he has thoughts after having lived all his life in the filth, never having noticed the hills. The same hills that have been part of his life every single day since he was born. How then, could he see the larger picture at work?
I gently tease him away, towards other discussions, to other people. I ask the other one a question in the hope of keeping him busy for some time. It works.
I am alone again. With my laptop and my thoughts. I will relax, I think. And then I check mail.
Work is work only when it is imposed. It is labour when you think of it that way. The option to work is delicious. No particular deadline. No boss in office. Another round of closed door meetings keeps them busy today. And will keep me busy tomorrow.
I make my document. I feel even more liberated with music playing in my ear.
In time, I will open websites and read up on unnecessary information. With the Internet there is no dearth. With the time I have today, there is no haste.View from my Window with hills in Distance
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