DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Old Adages and Us. (an old incomplete blog)

it i ssimply amazing that when one has all the time in the world to waste, one does not want to fo that, and when one is short of time, well, boredom is what we wish for.
Thus,'the grass is always greener on the other side'.
sounds old, weathered, and perhaps used too often.but ther is a valid reason all these old sayings are repeated..and were formed in the frst place. we dont really pay attention to them, but a closer scrutiny shoes how important their underlying meanings are.
when we say something, it is always with a reason, though unfathomable even to ourselves sometimes.and the old adages help us there. u can get across ur point in few words, citing an example, without having to go into all the explanatins. and we say..yeah....but thats just an old saying. look closely, and we shall discover some intelligent person doing our work for us. putting our loosely formed ideas into words. we learn these as kids, and keep acquiring these peices of wisdom throught our lives. there are too many around for us to know all of them. these are little pieces of experiences of someones elses life.
so why dont we sit up and take note of these sayings. why dont we think about them and take note. learn things the short way. but thats not human nature is it?


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