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My Movie Playlist

So, seeing an old post of mine, I played my music at Random and then assigned each successive song to the heading given.
I must say the songs are so apt. Especially the last one. To take it one step further I am adding notes on what the song is about in each line.

Share yours!

Waking up
Pear Jam - do the evolution
"Im ahead, Im a man"
(Grunge screaming to start the day)

First day at school
Linkin Park - burn it down
(yeah, just like Floyd did, right? right!)

Falling in love
Indian Ocean - Bhor
(mostly music, rather romantic if you see it that way)

Fight song
Hardwell & Showtek - How we do
(techno music - goes well with a kung fu kind of fight)

Breaking up
Atif Aslam - Pehli Nazar mein
(Rather contradictory - did you breakup cuz of another affair?)

Beethoven - 5th Symphony (first movement)
(Because high school students do the dramatic)

Life's OK
MIA - Paper Planes
(I fly like paper, get high like planes)

Mental breakdown
Coldplay- Everthings Not Lost

Coldplay - Yellow (live)
(I like this as a song to drive to)

The Doors - Freedom Exists
(Baritone of Jim speaking)

Getting back together
Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all
(it works, but on a sidenote I didnt even know I had this song)

The Dewarists - Kya Khayaal Hai
(lets share our lives, kya khayal hai?)

Birth of child
Hey Dude - Kula Shaker

Final Battle
Tina Turner & Bryan Adams - Its only Love
(when your love has been shattered, and nothing else matters, its only love)

Death scene
For whom the Bells Toll - Metallica

Funeral song
Collective Soul - Run
(all these times can teach us...)

Theme Song - Super Mario
(need I say something here??)
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