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Yeah yeah, there is no comparison to Dilbert or calvin, or tintin or asterix, hell! even Archies.
but i found this one today - Ellington Way. and I kind of liked it. in some cases, it mirrors the conversation between Meghna (my flatmate) n me.
something new, and nice.
reminds u of Caroline in the City?
Eg. - the mail exchange between M n Me:
meghna: "this looks like a conversation between the two of us. i am the girl with glasses"
me: "lol....that makes it funnier. i liked it .. the comic i mean! look at below - and we're going to become therapists!" (ref: another strip dated april 09, 2005, and our conversations in general)
meghna: "I know...wat a coincidence. aur isi tarah gyan denge hum sabko" (to prove the point)
and so on...

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