July 17th, 2004

Sense of humour

There seem to be so few people in the world who share the same tastes, at least in humor. This is limited to my small experience of the few ppl i have emt in the course of this small life o mine.
Ther will be innumerable people who find pleasure in insane things, I mean ppl find something as simple as just a person falling down without any reason, or anything, FUNNY! how? now if there were something he was about to do and in the end did something else, and then falls down, it may be funny.
But, thats OK. whats worse is whe ppl dont understand what ur saying, and u try and make them see the reason. Well, in most cases its a lost effort, so most of th etime I just dont try. but somehow, u cant stop urself most of the time, and u go ahead...and as usual, it results in KLPD.
Well here aI am sitting in office and writing all this, pne would think why? well it results form looking at my colleagues who surprisingly fall into the former category, and seeing them reminds me of this, no matter what. whether there has been a discussion on something or not. sad eh? well. i guess thats called the 'variety of Life'!
guess will write moer later, just eflt like a write, and did so.

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