September 27th, 2004

Just when things seem right...

Just when you start getting comfortable and liking your job, things have to move and shake you around. Here i was, delighted with my boss and happy with my profile. Just getting into the groove, and beginning to learn from my boss. Good work was coming my way, and I was getting good exposure, when the company suddenly decides that there needs to be someone present IN PERSON to 'guide' us. so what better than a man who is now departmentless thanks to him helping in ERP implementation. Now that project is over and he cant be demoted, thus a vacancy is created for him. So from Accounting, he comes to Marketing, that too International Operations!
Candidly through a mail from the HR VP we are told that now such n such ppl will be reporting to him! Hello!what are we? peices of furniture? Never felt the Dilbert Principle to be truer than this!
The only reason I was staying here was my profile and my boss. Now, boss is gone, so what about my profile?
Bugged early morning by this. Beginning of week by this! Damn! Now is the time I think that Fate as decided 'Enough of Amedabad for Dipta'!
So be It.
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I took a stand. Enough of Admin deptt. these ppl are getting out of hand. Thursday I wasnted a little peice of rates in Gujarat/ near Ahmedabad, where a pharma plant could be constructed.coz i wanted to present that to a client...rather a few clients, as a bsis of comparison. However, the only ppl who would have accurate info would be admin. head of admin was out of town doing somethig, so call the person who handles land buying etc for Torrent. hes not in seat. Now this information though small is important to me, and I need to put it in the final presentation. Since it is such a 'different' peice of info, no one really knew the correct figures, and they varied from Rs100/sq ft to 15lacks per acre! Call the admin guy on phone and he is impolite. OK i can live with that. say its Important to me. he says? 'nahin aap mujhe batiye aap ko laisa land chahiye (this is after ive told him i want prices of land of say where our plant is situated, where a pharma plant can be made...including any govt surcharges) aapko apne liye lena hai? (im confused...mere liye?) ki aapke kisi relative ko ghar bana hai (relative?)' naimesh bhai, mujhe pharma plant banana hai, ghar nahin...main ya mere reltive kaie banayenge? 'dekhiye mein ahbi bahar hoon, aap thik se apne aap se clear karke mujhe phone kijiye!' bang. hes cut the phone. im torn betweeen laughter at the concept of me building a plant and irritation at this mans bull headedness.
call him on his seat a number of time ans then get busy with other stuff. remember later. call him again. hes not there. call him on his cell. 'main 1 ghante mein seat pe hoonga, ap phone karke aa jayiye, nahin to mein data nahin nikal sakta' why? why cant he read out 3 numbers from his computer or remember them from his HEAD for heavens sakes..thats his only job! the person in need. can screw him on his him. hes not there. Now im bugged! call him on his cell...'naimesh bhai, aap seat pe nahin ho, yeh important hai, mujhe client ko dena hai, (my boss) needs it urgently. aap mujhe sirf rough figures bata dijiye' 'dekhiye main bahar hoon...client aapka hai, company ka hai, mera nahin!' 'thik hai' i kept the phone.
allowed myself some time to cool down, wrote a mail to him with above inciedent and requiement mentioned, copy marked to his boss' boss...the admin head.
after 2 hrs call the guy, hes again not the admin head whos just returned from where he had gone. he has just read the mail, and cannot do wnough to please me...even wants to call a consultant so as to give me accurate info. well, i dont want accurate info, so i say, and thank him. Matter over in less than 3 mins. get a mail from him later saying sorry for the inconvinience marked to this bugger naimesh bhai.
Am I avenged? Dont know, but im shocked and angry. Terribly angry. Cannot believe an employee can act like this.
Guess my reasons to quit are increasing by the mentioned in my previous blog, a boss change again is also a lil too much...that too without me being told/consulted/anything! Thank God had an inkling of this (boss thingy) thanks to whom I wil still call my boss. and no Rexzilla, even picturing calm meadows are not gonna help me now!