November 17th, 2004


Have I really blogged about my Pigeon experiences? I dont think so. Hence, this chapter is dedicated to the deep and complex relationship that I have had with this genera of birds since I moved to Ahmedabad.
Now when I was young and innocent and did not know the ways of these conniving birds, I used to adore them. there was a vague recollection of my parents going bonkers some time during our stay in Delhi trying to drive them out, but that was out of my realm. Then I came to Ahmedabad.
When I lived in Samrajya (a full year), there were prigeons, but they were occassional. Yes, Ahmedabad seemed to have more than its fair share of pigeons, but that was OK. It was nice to see those bids, here there and everywhere...and the sudden comings and goings to my room were pleasing. Then one sunday as i lazed around, with windows closed, notcied a flutter above my cupboard, only to see a pigeon housed there...for how many nights I am unaware, since it used to leave after I left for office, and come back before i returned. After a lot of running around and shooing, it left the room. The next day, it again found its way into my room, and this time through the living room window. And this continued the whole week - no matter how many doors and wondows we closed, this pigeon was in love with the roof of my cupboard!
Chapter closed.
I shifted to my present house - near Stadium. Pigoens LOVE this house. Acually, they think they own it, and I am an intruder. they (a certain pair i must mention) just move into my rom through the open wondos every morning at 7 ( since im at home for select hours, I dont want to keep windows shut while im there. They are closed rest of the office time). Nowadays, they are so used to me being there, all i have to do is lift a lazy hand, and they go away. Else, i just saty "shoo" in a lazy tone, and lo! they fly away giving me contemptuous glances. Then at 8, they will sit on the window panes, at the edge and stare at me. Just waiting for a sign from me to shift a centimetre. Sometimes, for the sake of it, they will fly in, sit in the loft and not bnudge. They keep staring at me, and making their distinctive sounds. at last when they get bored, they make a tour of the house, fly in the living room, go to the kitchen, try to enter the loo, and eventually after giving me another stare (as though saying, OK you have kept our property well) go away.
Once, when I was still unaccustomed to them, one of them entered the house, and would NOT leave. Now their entry is dramatic. They come through the window, fly under the fan, and tise again to sit on the loft (a "u" shaped flight pattern-pretty alarming to a new comer). So then, I forgot about this pigeon housing soemwhere in the dark recesses of the house. Evening, and I had a freind in my room - reading something. Fan on. Ms. Pigeon now decides enough is enough, and I had better go home now, this human has changed my flat and its no more in my taste. so, she goes to my room, and makes the customary U-shaped flight. My frnd, un-initiated in the ways of pigeons, was startled (U do remember pigeons make a li\ot of sound while flying?). So was Ms. Pigeon. Poor thing came across the fan and shed a few feathers. As i noticed, she was not hurt. Just lost a few feathers. Well, thought maybe they will not come back again, but...who can live away froma house they love? They were back th e next morning.
Such is the relationship I have with my two faithful morning callers. and no, I dont feed them.
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