January 28th, 2005


developed a nagging pain in the fingers and wrist of my right hand...as long as i dont move the fingers, its fine. tendinitis? Nah! Repetitive Syndrome...Nah! had the blue wrist once earlier...Sash knows...he too suffers. Guess u too know the pain Rex?
The Problem: Low work. Can barely wrok actually...takes AGES to type. no more rambling now...poor wrist.
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    Will Young - Aint No Sunshine


A regular exercise when suddenly you realise that the pillars of the establishment are pretty shaky, and are not quite as sturdy as they seem, using their common sense lesser than what you expected them to. Sometimes it strikes you hard when you see the backbones of the company not follow RAA, when perhaps they were the few ppl whom you thought followed it! Its not as sad as it seems, its true, and sooner you grow up, the better.