January 29th, 2005


Today change the layout and formatting of this page. Not that the old one was bad, but I felt the need of the sidebar giving moer info on the page. i.e. a page summary. For the sake of a summary, however, there are a few sacrifices: the whole page is lot less neat. you dont have a choice in presentation apart fromt he few choices given by LJ, which, truth be told are not 'all-inclusive' and can be much much better. I mean, Hell, i can do a better job with them!
Again, the subtitile of your journal does not get displayed in this setup. There are innumerable (unecessary almost) colour choices, but litle choice on the type of info and how much info you want to display. No way in which you can regulate links to the headers on the sidebars, or change the setting of where your mood and music will display...
OK, i grant it that the page is made for naive users, who probably just want to BLOG, not worry about the presentation. But then, a few more choices which can be changed if you want to, would not be really harmful will it?
And, in this format, userpics are not displayed! You cannot see these in the small window in which they show the preview of the format to be used by you...i mean...LJ!
Eitherway, i spent some time coming up with a decent b/g color, and added some info (to realise that it will not display)...anyway! Would like some comments/help.
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Dilbert, you there?

Came across this article. Expected it to be a little more elaborate, then came across the fact that he is an operations person, so his analysis is based on data from ppl in operations...interesting.