March 1st, 2005


How many song are there that are written on themes other than love/man-woman relationships? Very few i might say. You will bring to my notice songs made on nostalgia, songs on theological grounds, but how many I ask?
For every nostalgia based song there will be 10 songs on love...and for every song on theology, there will be 20 love songs. (Theologically also the songs are on love for god 'prem bhakti').
Is it that these emotions are what inspire most of us? Does this mean that love is the most turbulent of all emotions, or is it that its the most inspiring emotion?
Yet, I do crave for a few different theme songs (plain matter of fact songs - Sultans of Swing, Pink, Alive, Born in the USA, Walking in Memphis, America, Song sung blue....) Yes, the list does seem long, but as I said, how many when compared to love songs?
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    Rabbi Shergill - Bulla Ki Jana
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Sometimes no matter how much far away the event is, it all comes rushing back to you. A single note, an aroma, a word...and today I could not but help myself moving back 3yrs in time, seamlessly found myself back in the company of some frnds, all thanks to one song - and while working, before I even realised it!
How the mind works...
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