March 31st, 2005


This time in cal, I was quite busy, to the point of exhaustion. However, I did squeeze out time for some things - like looking at the snaps of my moms students in their art exhibition held on Worl Disabled Day in Calcutta (My mother teaches in a school for deaf children, and apart from usual study lesons, they are taught miming, acting, painting and other crafts to help them communicate better, and also find possible careers). It was amazing. There was glass painting, beautiful candles, awesome Lino prints (if you know how they are made, they are more amazing), paintings, collages, Shola work, etc.
Apparently the exhibition was a great success...and thankfully I had asked my Mom to buy one of the works for me - she bought a collage of a scenery with 2 rhinos (mommy and baby) and also a lino print for me. Well, I brought home the collage, carrying two from calcutta to Ahmedabad would have been a tough job.
Then, I wanted to know how they amde the candles. All home made, my mom was nice enought to keep some wax aside for me, and colours and all were bouth. a delightfule afternoon was spentby me in making, melting, pouring, colouring, shaping and moulding wax in different forms. Right from the standard candles in moulds, to frosted candles which look like snow to candles looking good enough to eat to roses. All were made by me in a wide array of colours. They lok amazing. and desceription cant do justice.
There is this mushroom on a base. It is a tilted mushroom, which is in a light mauve colour, shaded to a darker mauve on the part where it is tilted, with froth of wax on looks like mauve snow has fallen on it, and frozen...tipping off parts of the mushroom...on the mushroom stand also...and at the bottom, under the mushroom are red, blue, purple, yellow roses scattered along with green leaves (small ones)...a concoction on the scale of - a dias of 8cm diameter, and 10cm height (appx). it fits an outspread hand, and if I may say so, good enough to eat! Quite good for a first time candle maker I say, even my mom was impressed :)
tyo bring it here would have been risky - it could have broken, so I brought one of the shaded candles - red base with yellow triangular top.
das Interresant! Now I shall look for the ingredients in poor lil Ahmedaad, and look to making more here, and experimenting, and....
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Unique say?

As I sit in front of media today, i am bombarded with ANALYSIS OF INDIA – India, Today as compared to yesterday, India, what it can be tomorrow.
Expectations are high and so are the theories. That
India has developed and grown and is one of the emerging superpowers is one of the main conclusions. I will not dwell more on these - one can read more than enough whenever a magazine/newspaper or net is opened.
What I ask is, is it that there seems to be more focus on
India because I am in India or is that the general state of the world?
In the pharma industry (where I am) I can believe this. After all, it is one of the cheapest sources of quality products today, though
China is catching up fast. Every pharma MNC has its eyes trained on India for any opportunity - with patents act being activated, India is Prime Locality. And it is understandable – with a highly trained huge population, who is also English speaking, and asks for low pay, and is ready to work any hours…well… I wouldn’t disagree!
But, for other industries, is it the same? Is it really true that for anything MNC’s are just WAITING to come to India, or does India happen to be just one of the countries that these companies plan to go to, and since we are in India we hear more about India?
India really the up and coming Superpower? Or is it just that out of the few countries where there seems to be some hope of milking the market (whatever there is) India and China are the only ones. I mean, Hell, how many people do you hear talking about Africa? and Australia is developed enough! You can’t possibly milk that measly population any more than they already are fleeced!
So, given that most MNC’s already have gone to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and some other countries, they think where do we go next?
Asia is the obvious answer with its teeming billions. Here, they think - hmm where should we go? China! But will it be profitable enough? So then, we should go to the other markets in Asia -but- aren’t they too small? So where do we go next? Who is it that can be the other 'opinion leader' for Asia? China ...and yes! India! And can u believe this; they are actually allowing us in now! So for lack of a better place, they come to India, and we of course we Indians are pleased at the attention shower.
So then you have companies making us feel even more 'special'. Marketing in
India is different they say and brood, while their tentacles dig into the soil. We can’t use our strategies of home countries here they say. I ask - don’t u have to tailor strategies for every market? Don’t tell me you dint have to tweak ur US plans for Europe and Europe plans for US. Heck! Even for Germany to France you have to re-develop plans. So what is all this great analysis that strategists and columnists do about 'uniqueness' of Indian market? I mean, there are articles by Mc Kinsey on this!
Sure, we got zillions of languages and millions of religions, but is it really that diverse?

Is India really as unique as we Indians think it is? Sure we got a huge population (we cannot deny that), sure we got a big English speaking majority, and sure, we are middle class. However, are we that special? Or is it our 15 years of fame, till these MNC’s find another country? I think that is the case. Yes, India is growing, yes, we are developing. But is it over-hype, or is it real?

With changes in regulations and advertising in politics emerging in India, it is only natural that some aspects get over emphasised and glamorised. It is only a phase, and will pass soon…if not, well, Indians, Rejoice! For you are in the limelight, and you are Truly unique!

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You Are 45% Normal
(Somewhat Normal)

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

How Normal Are You? A quiz on blogthings...and the other quiz on age - well showed im 23...exactly my age, and that makes em happy :D

Go see how normal you are. I bet you wont fare better than me! Im more 'normal' than you buddy!
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