April 2nd, 2005

Its So Dry

I have for a few days now been crying to anybody whod listen as to how dry it is here...I mean dry weather!!
Well so here goes my 'its so dry that':

- Everyone has chapped lips
- Everytime you touch the metal handle on the office floor glass dorr you feel a shock
- If you touch a person suddenly you might see a spark
- Everyone is drinking oodles of water, even Ramesh (our sec. who does not even finish 500ml in a day as a rule)
- A freshly washed lare towel is held out in the sun for 15 mins its cracklin dry
- You need to moisturise big time, and I need to have anti allergens

and more... now aint that dry?!

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Im Vela

Yes. Im Vela. For the uninitiated this means Im totally totally free. Nothing to do. absolutely. and yes, im at work!
Heck! I worled more than this during my vacation last week! There were v few issues to wrap up on mOnday, even fewer on Tuesday, and by wednesday I had 2 things to do. Then I write a mail to boss requesting for work Thursday and on Friday morning get the response - he has no better ideas as to what to give me to do...and im totally jobless...
Heaven! For a few days it is good, im actually having a vacatin in office! :) Im relaxing, letting the tensions wash over ansd away from me, letting all the tiredness that gripped me go - Yes! This is better than a week at Hawai!!! (Im still getting paid remember?)
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Try out this site: www.googlism.com
Out of all names, try running "Raja' for incredible laughs (yeah Raja im suggesting urname)
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