April 11th, 2005

Dismissal and prejudice

Why is it that whenever there is something slightly contemplative we tend to move away from it, avoid it.
take the case of lyrics. now, when we hear something a little contemplative, or oblique, or not the usual stuff, most people tend to dismiss it as "doped out" lyrics(especially so in the case of modern day music). the beauty of referals and inuendoes is totally lost,m even though secretly they might admire, and enjoy them, yet, on the face of it, they will not admit it.
something a little out of ordinary is to be treated as flippant, shallow and meaningless unless subscribed to by a large chunk of population, meaning the critics and masses. A peom by Gulzar today will not be 'shallow', or pretentious. same so, for say Ravindranath Tagore, or even Gandhi. Is that because they are largel acclaimed and considered 'deep' while the rest of the populace is not?
Imagine you spouting poetry like Ravindranath today - on anything, and anywhere. there is so much peer pressure, condemnation and ridicule in indirect ways, that one usually prefers to remain anonymous. today, a person writing half of what tagor wrote will be called 'pretentious' unless they have a pulitzer, nobel or soemthing equivalent to back them!
gandhi - imagine going all out, living frugally, preaching 'truth' etc today. ul be labelled a fanatic, condemned by the masses unkless u have amazing clout and manage positive publicity. it is important not to feel the thing, it is important to manage the correct impression and image...and potray it by the right channels. else its all lost.
even though today you are more free to do anything u want than ever before, there is even more criticism and even more judgement. because everyone is free to voice their poinions, everyone does so. But of course, it is not so true if u tread on beaten tracks.
and then, there comes amazing levels of peer pressure. imagine if Tagore were told when he was 6 (when started spouting poetry) that he better concentrate more on studies...or his frnds called him some wierd name since he preferred to write poetry instead of play. i dont think a tagore would have emeerged.
crux of this blog? i admire people today ho have the guts to actually do what they want to, because i personally feel that they have more hrudles today, which aer mental than ever before.
and why this blog? i dont know, i started off thinking about ther lyrics of creed-my sacrifice, and realised thinking they are very nice, but how they might have been written when he was doped out since they sound like it he esp when u are high (so they say). and felt bad. so what if he was doped out? so what if they are induced by a hallucinogen. what matters is the sentiment, and how they can make sense to a person in full senses...you and me. and provide food for thought and emotion. what a song aims to do.
Are we becominf more of the 'stereotyping' crowd? Ridiculing innovation and seeking typecasting? Is Different Dangerous? Our very definition of different has changed to things which we can accept as a slight variation from everyday life, nothing drastically different. Why? THe opennes of our minds has reduced even as we talk about freedom of expression. you are free to do what you want as long as you are extremely gutsty or 'can set a trend'. what we accept as acceptable and unique has to be within certain boundaries, and those stepping out of them are 'rebels', 'wierds' and 'crazy'.
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Yeah yeah, there is no comparison to Dilbert or calvin, or tintin or asterix, hell! even Archies.
but i found this one today - Ellington Way. and I kind of liked it. in some cases, it mirrors the conversation between Meghna (my flatmate) n me.
something new, and nice.
reminds u of Caroline in the City?
Eg. - the mail exchange between M n Me:
meghna: "this looks like a conversation between the two of us. i am the girl with glasses"
me: "lol....that makes it funnier. i liked it .. the comic i mean! look at below - and we're going to become therapists!" (ref: another strip dated april 09, 2005, and our conversations in general)
meghna: "I know...wat a coincidence. aur isi tarah gyan denge hum sabko" (to prove the point)
and so on...
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(no subject)

I am so upset! someone at work found out I was into punk bands and I think that's why I got notice to be fired :-(.

I feel like I'm so going to shoot someone!
I was supposed to get together with dirxasaurus_rex Friday but I don't want to anymore. I'm so tired of seeing the same people.

And also sashdude told me that rexjournal told atanarjuat and rexzilla that they saw me talking to rexzilla and talking crap about dirxasaurus_rex. Which isn't even true! And yeah. You might guess I don't give a Damn what they think anymore. I'm over that.

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